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Custom – Flat Out Fast Review


Released by: Self

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Rock



Line Up:

Jacque Hartless – Vocals
Corey Petro – Guitar
John Norton – Guitar
Paul Yarnold – Bass
Brandon Wilsey – Drums



1. Stop

2. Buzz Zone

3. Because of You

4. Flat Out Fast

5. Trust & Tolerance

6. Callate Su Boca

7. Punching Sand

8. Killing Time

9. Say Goodbye Again


Are you looking for some down and dirty, no frills, kick ass, guitar driven hard rock? If you are I suggest you listen to the CD Flat Out Fast by the band Custom (from Seattle WA). Flat Out Fast is the band’s 3rd release in their 12 years of existence. And it’s the first new music from the band in 4 years. The band is comprised of original member and guitarist Corey Petro, vocalist Jacque Hartless, bassist Paul Yarnold, and newcomers John Norton (guitars) and Brandon Wilsey (drums).

Flat Out Fast is mainly a fast paced, in your face hard rocking offering with some melodic choruses, cool guitar solos, and maybe even a little bit blues interspersed from beginning to end. From time to time I picked up on a Soundgarden and Alice In Chains vibe along with a little bit of early era Cheap Trick attitude. And, if I can make a late 80s, Seattle music reference, there’s a bit of Green River and Mother Love Bone in Custom’s sound.

At just under 30 minutes long, this 9 song CD is flat out fast, or flat out quick. However you want to put it the individual songs, and the CD as whole, are over before you know it. Considering a few songs are in the 2 minute range I barely had time to get into the songs before they were over. And that is unfortunate because each song is really good. It would have been nice if a few of the songs were lengthened. The CD starts out with one of the sub 3 minute songs (called “Stop”) and is a rocker that sets the tone for most of the songs. “Stop” could easily be a radio single. Continuing the tone of “Stop” is “BuzzZone.” Next up is Because Of You, one of the 2 slower songs on the CD, which sounds a little like Soundgarden. After slowing down for one song the pace picks right back up for the title track, “Trust & Tolerance,” “Callate Su Boca,” “Punching Sand,” and “Killing Time” (the shortest song at 2:09). The other slower song, the Soundgarden-esque “Say Goodbye Again,” brings the CD to a close. Although all the songs are good the stand out is “Say Goodbye Again,” followed by “Beause Of You” and “Punching Sand.”

I liked Flat Out Fast from the first listen. But, with each subsequent listen I like it even more. Cool songs and some wonderful guitar work throughout make it quite enjoyable. The only request I have for the band is please make your next release somewhere in the 50 minute range. After 30 minutes of Flat Out Fast I want to hear more. This record is a solid 7. Give it a listen, you’ll enjoy it.


Written by Jeff

Rating    Jeff    7/10

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