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Novembers Doom – Bled White Review


Released by: The End Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Death Doom



Line up

Paul Kuhr – Vocals

Lawrence Roberts-Lead and Rhythm guitars

Vito Marchese – Lead and Rhythm guitars

Michael Feldman – Bass

Garry Naples – Drums



01. Bled White

02. Heartfelt

03. Just Breathe

04. Scorpius

05. Unrest

06. The Memory Room

07. The Brave Pawn

08. Clear

09. The Grand Circle

10. Animus

11. The Silent Dark


Formed in 1989 in Chicago, Novembers Doom have maintained a constant presence on the underground scene providing their morose death metal style.  This is their 9th full length release and it takes no prisoners from the first notes. Opening track “Bled White” kicks in with double bass and before long is joined by the deep growls of Paul Kuhr. Before long the vocals switch to a melodic almost choir like chanting not unlike the style that Enslaved are associated with.

The band switches effortlessly between these vocal styles throughout the record whilst maintaining the heavy basis of the songs.  The musicianship is outstanding; guitarists Larry Roberts and Vito Marchese are both masters of their art pounding out doom riffs, set against a background of death metal. “The Memory Room” brings about a shift in style to a more modern death doom with a clean vocal throughout and a use of individually picked notes which induces a sinister atmosphere.  The production on the album is big and brash with great tone which gives all instruments room to breathe and showcases their individual contribution to the overall sound. The final track “The Silent Dark” begins in total misery before picking up and produces a sense of hope before descending into darkness complete with more growls, this song showcases Kuhr’s full range as a singer.

To release a record this  solid so far into a career is a rare occurrence nowadays and certainly will prompt new comers to search out the older albums to see where this band have come from and indeed to see what they can serve up in the future.


Written by Dave Macculum

Ratings    Dave    8/10

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