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A Sound of Thunder – The Lesser Key of Solomon Review


Released by: Mad Neptune Records

Release Date: September 9th, 2014

Genre: Heavy Metal



Line Up:

Nina Osegueda – Vocals
Josh Schwartz – Guitar
Chris Haren – Drums
Jesse Keen – Bass



1. Nexus Of Realities
2. Udoroth
3. Fortune Teller
4. The Boy Who Could Fly
5. Elijah
6. Master Of Pain
7. Blood From The Mummy’s Tomb
8. Black Secrets
9. One Empty Grave
10. House Of Bones


A Sound of Thunder is back and better than ever! I was lucky to catch this band opening for Raven a few years back and was blown away by their performance as well as listening to their subsequent albums. When I heard they had a new album coming out I was eager to hear it and I was not disappointed at all. The Lesser Key of Solomon is such an incredible follow up to their last album,Time’s Arrow, which was an astonishing release.

My love of female fronted bands is no secret. Nina Osegueda has such a powerful voice and such amazing control over it. It conveys such emotion. She is definitely a true powerhouse voice. Top that with top notch musicianship and such amazingly catchy songs and you have a band that virtually stands alone in their field. Taking aspects of classic metal with progressive metal while at the same time structuring songs that are catchy and instantly draws the listener into their realm. Such brilliant tracks like “Blood From the Mummy’s Tomb,” “Black Secrets,” “House of Bones,” and “Udoroth” make this album complete, but there isn’t a bad track on it. That is not easy task in this day and age.

If you’re already a fan of the band, you will not be disappointed. Once I started spinning this one it was damn tough stopping it. A Sound of Thunder has quickly become a favorite of mine. They get better and better with every album, as a band should, which is an amazing feat for them as they have already released top notch material. Without a doubt ASoT are a band that any metal fan should check out. Powerful, dramatic, and pure metal at it’s finest. They are definitely a band worth keeping an eye on.


Written by Chris Martin

Ratings    Chris    9/10

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