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Black Dahlia – Fragments Review


Released By: Areasonica Records

Release Date: December 2013

Genre: Gothic, Alternative




Samuela Fuiani – Vocals and Piano
Ruggero Doronzo – Guitars
Luca Raio – Guitars
Antonio Petito – Bass
Ludovico Massariello – Drums



1 Falling Down
2 No Regrets
3 Eclipse
4 Wounds
5 Alice
6 Lost in a Daylight
7 Fly
8 Goodnight


It may not have been intentional, as the biggest similarity between the two bands is the voices of the frontwomen. Black Dahlia’s Samuela sounds very similar to Amy Lee of Evanescence, but apart from that, the songs themselves don’t really replicate any Evanescence material, however, like-sounding vocals over a similar style of music can cause some to lump the bands together.

Not to say the similarities are necessarily an entirely bad thing, as most of these eight songs that make up Fragments are strong and catchy. Samuela definitely has a great voice, I think it is one of the strongest aspects of the record.

The album is full of strong riffs, catchy choruses and big hooks. There is also a wide range of sounds explored through the tracks. A few songs, such as “Eclipse” and “Goodnight” are largely piano heavy, while songs like “Fly” and “No Regrets” see the band playing heavier music driven by catchy choruses. The latter is where I think the band is at their best, however Samuela’s vocals are at their best on the more emotional songs, “Lost in the Daylight” and particularly in the spiteful hate in “Wounds.”

There aren’t really any weak tracks to speak of on Fragments. I think that the band could have done more to differentiate themselves from their contemporaries, as this was definitely an enjoyable record, but the fact that it is so forgivable for someone to confuse this with an Evanescence record calls for something a little different on their follow-up.


Written by Connor

Ratings    Connor    6/10

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