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Within Temptation & Amaranthe live at Terminal 5, NYC on October 10th, 2014

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Making their way to NYC once more is Amaranthe, bringing their blend of power metal/pop/metalcore fusion back after having made their official debut in the states last year, they are back once more this time around opening up for the very well known Dutch Symphonic Metal masters Within Temptation.

When Amaranthe played in NYC last year, they surprised alot of people with their style and mix clean/growl vocals, and their fusion of different vocalists as well as bringing a mix of gothenburg sound to the mix. It’s hard to believe this band has churned out 3 records already, their new one “Massive Addictive” due out on October 21st.  They have toured a bunch as well and they are quickly becoming a known entity in the metal genre.

This night in the big apple proved no different then last time they played. The only difference line up wise, is the addition of Henrik Englund, who has been doing a bang up job handling the “harsh” vocals.  The band unleashed a trail blazing set that capped the night with the opener “Digital World”, a new tune from their upcoming record. A few well known songs off their previous records “1.000.000 Lightyears” and “Amaranthine”also we’re played with sheer uptempo and emphatic melodies, the blend of vocalists always amaze, with the very talented pipes of Elize Ryd, mixing with the more cunning styling of Jake E. Underrated are the sharp guitar licks of Olof Mörck, this style can mask often the guitar player with the infusion of riffs and tempo shifts, but make no mistake about it, Olof got talent and is one of the driving forces behind the band’s sound. The band roars up the crowd and ends their 10 song set with “The Nexus”, and the night ends well as Amaranthe furthers enhances their sound and impact on the scene. Keep an eye out on them on the road here in the states, you won’t be disappointed.



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Finally the headliners are up, and Within Tempation has had a big year in 2014, they came back from a 3 year hiatus and released their sixth studio album “Hydra” to rave reviews worldwide, debuting high on charts and to date has let them on an immense tour and multiple awards and recognition. The band was known before, but with this record it feels like they have crossed over a bit and blended a more commercial sound without compromising their dark/haunting melodies.

WT brought their A game on this night in NYC as well, leading the way are the charismatic and enchanting vocals of Sharon Den Adel, one of the premier metal vocalists in the genre, her outfits on stage are as mystical as her pipes. She delivered beautifully on this night. We had the chance to cover them as well at a sold out gig at Wembley Arena in London this year, and their performance was breath taking there. Although a much smaller venue this time around in the city, they put on a great show non the less, led by some classic cuts of old and new.

Both Robert Westerholt and Adel show great chemistry on and off the stage, as they contribute to alot of the songwriting, but the rest of the band mates are terrific live as well. Rudd Jolie is a solid axeman, and on cuts like “Let Us Burn” and “Fire and Ice”, it shows.  Another great track from the new record is performed on this night  and that is “And We Run”, a great momentum number that showcases their great sound. “Edge of the World” and “Mother Earth” enchant towards the end of the setlist. As well as “Ice Queen”, an oldie but one that pleases fans of their older material.

Overall a great night of terrific vocals, a great mix of styles, and two bands that feature great female vocals and vocalists period. Elize Ryd of Amaranthe is someone who you will hear from more and more in the future, and Sharon Den Adel has only solidified herself among the best female fronted metal vocalists today. Go out and see them live, entertainment at face value hits the States.


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