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Supersuckers and The Trews at O2 Academy Islington in London on October 4th, 2014

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Live Photos and Gig Review Credit: Anna Zurek



Beginning of October, O2 Academy Islington and a Saturday in London. Again one of those days you wouldn’t expect many people to come down to a gig but not with this one which was pretty much packed at the end of the night. No wonder considering the two bands that played and offered a great variety to the audience when it came to sound and performance.

First on were The Trews with a modern sound that at times reminded of U2, Placebo and Bruce Springsteen. Basically something that could easily be played on the radio and would be nice to listen to. A bad thing? Certainly not as these guys’ songs are catchy and come along with a great rhythm section that makes you want to move your body and a voice that’s soothing to the ears. If you took a look at the crowd, nearly half the venue at that point and O2 Academy Islington is quite a big venue for that matter, you quickly realized that they digged the sound as well shyly tapping their feet along until they finally emerged into cheering. When asked about their influences after the gig, The Trews mentioned The Killers, The Clash, The Who and Bruce Springsteen amongst others of which you can definitely hear nuances of in their songs. So if you any of those bands appeal to you, give The Trews a go and listen to their new album that has been released in April this year on Spotify here or get it on iTunes and Amazon. The Trews will be touring until December hitting Canada right after their UK tour, so if you want to see one of their shows in the future make sure to follow them on Facebook or Twitter (@thetrews).

The Trews


Supersuckers, the headliner of the night, also had a modern sound but with a different edge to it. A bit heavier and punkier like The Clash, The Sex Pistols but still with slight influences from bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd with catchy, melodic and heavy guitar riffs and a rough voice that at times reminded of Motörhead’s Lemmy. An interesting mix that made up for a great sound and offered an amazing show together with the band’s energy on stage. But if you think that was all, you are more than wrong. Not only did Supersuckers take the stage with a kickass attitude, but the effects on stage with smoke and lighting were nearly as impressive. An impressive show from a band with a true rock ‘n’ roll spirit. You can check out their new album “Get The Hell” that has been released at the beginning of this year on Spotify, iTunes and Amazon and follow them on Facebook and Twitter (@SupersuckersRnR) for updates on their tour which still continues in Canada and the US at the moment.


All in all a great night at the O2 Academy Islington with two bands that are totally worth checking out.

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