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Bush – Man On The Run Review


Genre:  Rock

Record Label: Zuma Rock Records/RAL

Release Date: 21st October



Line Up:

Gavin Rossdale – Vocals/Guitar

Chris Traynor – Guitar

Corey Britz – Bass

Robin Goodridge – Drums


Track Listing:

Just Like My Other Sins
Man On The Run
The Only Way Out
The Gift
This House Is On Fire
Loneliness Is A Killer
Bodies In Motion
Broken In Paradise
Dangerous Love
Eye Of The Storm
Let Yourself Go
Speeding Through The Broken Lights
The Golden Age


I have to admit that despite being familiar with the name Bush, I don’t think I had ever heard anything by them and know nothing about them.  Having done a little research and found out that they have sold nearly 20 million records in North America alone, I have to wonder quite how they’ve managed to fly under my radar for so long.  Luckily I have this new, just released album to find out quite what all the fuss is about.

“Just Like My Other Sins” is first and I must admit the distorted sound of the bass and guitars with Gavin Rossdale’s cleaner sounding vocals over the top is really appealing.  A chorus with a great hook to it works well and the little guitar motif that plays during it is great.  A very promising start to the album.

The title track has an easy going riff and showcases Rossdale’s vocals well, which are really growing on me.  And interesting tale is told that matches the slower pace well.

“The Only Way Out” is the lead single and reached number 16 in the US Mainstream Rock chart.  The thing I like the most on this track is the lyrics – “Follow me down to the water, through the tripwires in your head, through the seven layers, Of your holy bed.”  A simple riff compliments the words and the song really works well as a whole for me.  I can see why this was chosen for the lead single.

“The Gift” is a more uptempo song, which features that lovely distortion again and Rossdale has a bit more of a rough edge to some of his vocals.  “This House Is On Fire” left me a bit cold to be honest as I found it quite similar in pace and sound to several of the earlier tracks.

“Loneliness Is A Killer” has a great sound to it and being a bit heavier is more to my taste.  There’s a touch of an industrial metal sound to this song that makes it one of my favourites but the way the lighter elements play off against the darker sounds work really well I feel.

“Broken In Paradise” has some more great lyrics with the chorus seeming to have an anti-materialistic theme and I wonder if this is autobiographical?  “Surrender” is another simple sounding tune with a great lyrical chorus that I really enjoyed – “I talk to myself, but I sing to strangers”.

“Dangerous Love” allows the rhythm section to play a more prominent part in the sound and works really well for me.  A darker song and definitely one of my favourites.  “Eye Of The Storm” features a really nice gentle riff which matches the pace well.  There are interesting lyrics again and there’s times when Pink Floyd comes to mind.  No bad thing.

“Let Yourself Go” is another of the darker sounding songs here, at least during the verses but this is broken up by the lighter choruses, which works really well to form a complete song.  The song features another interesting riff with some great “noisy” guitar parts.  “The Golden Age” is a great way to finish the album, and it might well make a good single as it features all the best parts from the other songs so makes a great sampler.

I’m glad I was given this album to review as it has introduced me to a new band that I really like.  It’s not something I will listen to that often I feel but I will really enjoy it when I do.  If, like me, you haven’t listened to Bush previously then give it a try, especially if you like interesting lyrics and mainstream rock with an occasional darker or heavier edge.


Written by  Duncan Everson

Ratings    Duncan    7/10

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