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Creation Mind – The Crimson Sun Review


Released by: Independent

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Progressive Rock





1 Crimson Sun
2 Dream Dreamer Dream
3 Crystal Ship
4 Laura You’re an Angel
5 Dreams Of Love
6 S O O N
7 Tell Me The Word
8 My Lover and My Dream
9 Gotta Let You See
10 arrived
11 Okay Today
12 Many Miles


CREATION MIND is a band/project formed by MIKE PARANTI, who is a very talented multi-instrumentalist/singer-songwriter from New York City. Along with bandmembers Stewart Wenig (vocals, bass and lead guitar) and Stefano Leone (drums) and studio/engineer BEN RICE (DeGraw Sound, Brooklyn, NY), they created a really great album, which is filled with high quality Melodic semi-Progressive Rock that leaves a lot of room for instrumental passages, but not stretching out too much in the classic 70s style, so keeping up with clever clean and bright melodies all the time that stick in your head. Mike has a great voice, with a sorta PETER GABRIEL tone, while the music is clearly influenced by 1970s GENESIS, THE BEATLES, YES and such, sounding actually dangerously close to SPOCK’S BEARD with NEAL MORE on vocals, so a BEATLES/singer-songwriter touch is clearly hearable all throughout the album.

There’s also a strong 1970s pop vibe here going on and together with some peaceful acoustic passages, the album develops into a very diverse record that contains from start to finish nothing but enjoyable music to please especially fans of 1970s music in all its forms. “Laura You’re An Angel” and “Tell Me The Word” are just 2 examples of the incredible high quality which can be heard on this album. I’ll bet the prog labels in Europe would be interested in checking this out, but as mentioned it is not entirely prog what we hear over here, because lots of elements of rock, pop and singer-songwriter can also be heard throughout every song on the album and that is on the other hand what makes his album a winner for the open-minded progfans out there, because SPOCK’S BEARD and TRANSATLANTIC get away in the same league with that. For more info I would like to invite you to go to:



Written by Gabor

Ratings    Gabor    8/10

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