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The Texas Flood – Young Dogs, Old Tricks Review


Genre:  Rock n Roll/Classic/Southern Rock

Record Label: Off Yer Rocka Recordings

Release Date: 12th November



Line Up:

Tom Sawyer – Vocals/Guitar

Ben Govier – Bass

Tom Williams – Drums


Track Listing:

A Little More (Frog Song)
Let The Wind Blow
Rock & Roll Queen
Didn’t Need To Say
Long Time
Getting It Up
Stuck On You
Take My Time


Most people probably won’t be familiar with the name The Texas Flood…yet.  I predict that will change fairly soon and so do Off Yer Rocka Recordings who signed the band to their label after they won a UK-wide competition to find new talent.  They’ve wasted no time in releasing the band’s debut album and when it’s this good I don’t blame them because it needs to be heard by as many people as possible.

So, what’s so good about it then?  Well, just about everything really!  The Texas Flood play hip-swaying, boot-stomping Southern-style rock music with a pinch of blues but with a modern sound and I just love the result.

I must mention the production on this album – each instrument is clear and easily identifiable and there is plenty of “space” given to each one, which is obviously made easier with only being a three-piece.  The whole sound is sharp and “in your face” just the way I like it.  The producer has done an excellent job with the band and it’s even more impressive as it’s their debut, so I assume they didn’t have a huge amount of money to spend.

“Cards” is a great start to the album and introduction to the band.  Not overly complicated but with a great groove to the riff and simple lyrics that are easy to remember, you’ll be hooked from the beginning.  Speaking off lyrics – what the hell is “A Little More (Frog Song)” all about?  Apart from a frog, obviously.  Another song that’s all about the groove with solid percussion from Tom Williams and some nice bass playing from Ben Govier.

Then we get to “Let The Wind Blow”.  This is absolutely bloody brilliant.  No other word for it – brilliant.  As in dangerous to drive to, turn up to eleven, warn the neighbours, blow up the speakers, melt your headphones good!  With a driving riff that I sing along to (I kid you not!) and just gets in your head for days at a time.  Easy to remember lyrics again, a smoking guitar solo and a good foot-stomping section, this song has everything I want.  The CD could end here and I would say I’ve had my money’s worth.  But there’s more goodness still to come.

“Linda” has a nice bass line and there are a few early AC/DC influences sneaking out in the guitar which is no doubt partly down to the Tom Sawyer’s use of a Gibson SG like Angus Young.  The chorus features a nice hook to it too and some good backing vocals too.  “Rock & Roll Queen” is where all the AC/DC comes out though.  Perhaps this is what they would sound like as a 3-piece?  Another very good song with a great call and response section between guitar and bass midway through which I can see being expanded on live to great effect.

“Didn’t Need To Say” features a nice, laid-back riff and the lyrics have a bit more depth here which go well with the song as a whole.  “Honey” has probably my favourite vocal on the album from Tom and a very nice solo with his guitar sounding particularly raw on this track.  “Long Time” and “Getting It Up” could both be AC/DC riffs but done The Texas Flood way with the latter’s lyrics being something Bon Scott would be proud of!

“Stuck On You” lets Ben’s bass feature a bit more, with some great playing on display.  “Take My Time” is another good rock and roll style song.  Nice riff and easy to sing along to, this shows that things don’t need to be complicated to be good.  “Bulletproof” features another fantastic riff that sounds simple but is very effective.  Throughout there’s some great bass playing going on in the background which is complimented well by Tom’s drumming and make this one of the songs of the album for me.

Summing up the album if pretty easy in this instance – I absolutely love it!  If this isn’t very high up in my Top Ten albums of the year come 31st December, I’ll be very surprised.  I can’t wait for whatever these guys are going to do next.


Written by Duncan Everson

Ratings    Duncan    10/10

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