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Crazy Lixx – Crazy Lixx Review


Released by: Frontiers Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Hard Rock



Line Up:



ANDY ZATA Guitar & B.Vocals


EDD LIAM Guitar & B.Vocals



01. Hell Raising Women
02. Sound Of The Loud Minority
03. Outlaw
04. Girls Of The 80’s
05. I Missed The Mark
06. All Looks, No Hooks
07. Ain’t No Rest In Rock N’ Roll
08. Call To Action
09. Heroes Are Forever
10. Psycho City
11. Wrecking Ball Crew


I must admit, I’m no expert on Scandinavian rock. Apart from Europe, who I love, but who I still think are British in disguise, with a penchant for flat pack furniture and meatballs, I have been pretty much clueless. But given the opportunity to review Swedish glam metallers Crazy Lixx new album, my education is imminent. This self titled opus is their fourth outing, and follows 2012’s Riot Avenue.

Opening with Hell Raising Women, I was immediately transported back to the 80’s with the hair raising chorus. The song never breaks pace, even after the killer guitar solo. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for Sound of the Loud Minority. After the tasty riff, the song nosedives into a pit of blandness, and doesn’t recover. Thankfully the bombastic Outlaw saves face, featuring some nifty twin axe work from Andy Dawson and Edd Liam, and a mother of a chorus.

Girls of the 80’s might be a naff title, and granted, they might not be singing about saving the Mediterranean Monk Seal, but you believe every word that Danny Rexon sings. This song typifies everything that we loved about 80’s rock. Featuring vocal harmonies by the bucketful, I Missed The Mark, did take me a few turns, but this hook fest eventually blew me away. All Looks No Hooks is pure meat and potatoes rock n’ roll, a thunderbolt of a track that will no doubt rip you in two live. This band clearly relish writing memorable choruses, and this gem is perfect evidence of that.

The brilliantly titled Ain’t No Rest In Rock n’Roll boasts traces of a young AC/DC, a fast abating rocker, it’s hands down the album highlight so far. Crazy Lixx don’t seem to be the kind of band that are afraid to show their influences. Call to Action more than tips it’s hat to Def Leppard, the guitars are perfectly constructed, and the vocals are top drawer. It’s more of the same on Heroes are Forever, a song that originally appeared on their 2007 debut album Loud Minority. It’s been reworked and given a fresh blast of hairspray. The driving bass line from Jens Sjoholm binds the song together, and the gang vocals, which really define the band, are effortless.

The album goes out in a blaze of glory on the nasty Psycho City and then on to the brain shaker Wrecking Ball Crew, which more than leaves it’s mark on you. Whatever you want to call Crazy Lixx, sleaze rock, glam metal, it doesn’t matter a damn, because they’re bloody good. Their music requires zero thinking, but gives 100% entertainment guaranteed. If you fancy reliving rock in the all conquering 80’s, this album stands up to most of the classics of that era. Wear a pair of spandex for extra effect though


Written by Brian Boyle

Ratings    Brian    8/10

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