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Sodom – Sacred Warpath EP Review


Genre:  Thrash

Record Label: SPV/Steamhammer

Release Date: 28th November 2014



Current Line Up:

Tom Angelripper – Vocals/Bass

Bernemann – Guitar

Markus “Makka” Freiwald – Drums


 Track Listing:

01.Sacred Warpath
02. The Saw Is The Law (live)
03. City Of God (live)
04. Stigmatized (live)


‘Sacred Warpath’ was originally written for the upcoming album, but instead the band have released it as a taster for things to come. The Ep gives some idea of the direction for the next record which is more of the straight-ahead Teutonic thrash we have come to expect from Sodom. The band still has a loyal following with a fairly consistent release rate of records and this will be a nice addition to the back catalogue. This new track is more or less what we have come to expect from Sodom, reliable well produced and memorable thrash with enough energy and headbanging capacity to ensure that their legacy remains intact. It is far removed from the classic period of the first 4 records but time has moved on and the band have matured but not lost any of their malevolence. The live tracks are for the collectors, their take on “Surfin Bird” by the Trashmen is not really serving any purpose, it was great played by the Ramones not by Sodom. “City of God” from the self titled album has buckets of energy and a nice addition to this ep. Fans of the band will lap this up for the new track and the additional live tracks, not really one for the casual fan, to them I would say wait for the album.


Written by David Mcallum

Rating    David    8/10

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