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Y&T Celebrate 40th Anniversary Tour live at Limelight 1 Belfast on November 12th, 2014




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Photos by George Pennock

Live Gig Review by Mark Dean (Journalist/Writer/Contributor) Myglobalmind Webzine


After many years of not playing a live date in Belfast, Y+T notch up their hat trick of shows in the city. Prior to the tour lead guitarist and front man Dave Meneketti chatted to me(insert link)and promised to include many rarities and surprises in the forthcoming tour sets. Reading on-line the band set was regularly spanning two and a half hours, with regular set changes nearly on a nightly basis. With a support slot ably filled by young and band on the rise Maverick it was shaping up to be a tasty mix of  classic rock. Unfortunately and I have referenced this in other local reviews of shows in the same venue  audiences here generally prefer to generally inhibit ales in the next door bar. Choosing this option over getting in early doors to check out the full supporting cast usually renders audience figures thin on the ground. While Maverick had a quite favourable audience in attendance many of the crowd actually missed out on actually seeing them. As concert ticket prices rise steadily I would have thought that people would like to get their full moneys worth..Apparently and sadly not!

Their loss as Maverick hit the stage with an attitude of cock-sure swagger and an ability to deliver full blooded entertainment. The band seem to grow in stature each time that I see them live. Delivering a tight but all too brief set in which they included a new song off their forthcoming debut album they were blessed with a nice crisp sound-and fully delivered  the goods. While their musical influences are clearly rooted in the past predominately the eighties era before the band were even born their sound is not a dated one. All musicians  are clearly enjoying what they do and their stage craft and audience interaction during their short support slot has risen with the experience of playing regular live dates. I always walk away fully satisfied from a Maverick live show as the band always give a solid and value for money 100% each performance. Several friends who had  not previously seen the band before also awarded them a resounding thumbs up for their strong set. With the bands debut album release just around the corner their star is definitely on the rise and I can only predict bigger and better things ahead for these young N. Ireland rockers. Check out our review of their album here(attach link)and support the new breed of rock bands by picking up a copy yourself. “Quid pro Quo”is released on November 28th on Massacre Records. Trust me it fully delivers and will leave you fully satisfied with your rock n roll “Quota”


Following a brief intermission it was time for stalwarts Y&T to hit the stage running. I guess over forty years they have adhered strictly to their own songs mantra of “Don’t stop running”Dave Meneketti the only original member left has been doubly blessed in life. Possessing a voice that has been praised by no less than Ronnie James Dio himself. His guitar playing and talent has also been singled out by a certain other guy that is no stranger to fret board dynamics Joe Satrianni. How he manages to combine the 2 and still performs regular two hour sets nightly-just defies understanding. However despite being so long in the game he clearly relishes each live gig. His natural enthusiasm and genuine enjoyment comes across throughout the set. Tonight’s show delivered no major song surprises for me personally. However what it did deliver was solid carat gold anthem after another. From fan favourites like “Forever”and “Black Tiger”to less heard live songs such as “All American Boy”Backed ably by Messrs Lang, Nymann and Vanderhule who seemed to have acquired their leaders natural bonhomie and joi de vivre as they entertained the adoring Belfast audience.

Encore time and it was side one of the Black Tiger album. Despite Dave telling me in the pre tour promo interview that they would not be airing complete albums in their entirety as they had already done that,I guess he decided to meet halfway. In conclusion as usual the band delivered a high quality finely tuned solid professional show,From heart rendering emotional ballads such as “Winds of change” and “I believe in you”to hard rockers such as “Open Fire” and “Black Tiger”Fantastic band and still despite their longevity at the very top of their game. See you again next time in year 41 guys.



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