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Fireland – God ‘n’ Evil Review


Released by: Power Prog Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Progressive Metal



Line Up:

Rafael Castillo
Matias Vidal
Cristian Carrasco
Claudio Gonzalez



01.Ancient Time
03.Here I Am
04.God N Evil
06.Where is Heaven
07.Turn Off The Lights
10.It s Not Magic


Chile is not very famous for its Metal acts, some Metalheads possibly could remember the band Six Magics that more or less famous over the world. Fireland is another band from Chile that was founded in 2006 by guitarist/singer Rafael Castillo with support of producer Franco Lama. After some years the band includes Rafael Castillo (Lead vocal and guitar), Matias Vidal (Lead guitar), Gonzalo Gamio (Drums) and Claudio Gonzalez (Bass). By the end of 2010 Fireland had recorded and released its debut work “God ‘n’ Evil”. The album received positive critics but it was not widely known due to independent release. Fortunately in October 2014 “God ‘n’ Evil” was officially released by Power Prog label as digital album.

It is an amazing record, the music is Melodic Power Metal in the best traditions of Keeprs-era Helloween, Gamma Ray, HammerFall and Freedom Call with very catchy and impressive songs. And it is not just another pale clone or mediocre Power from the underground. The guys can compose a really fantastic high-quality material with awesome melodies and solid guitar work. I am reminded of a past reviewed release: the debut work of Sweden band Nostradameus “Words of Nostradameus” that impressed me very much 14 years ago.

There are no any ultra-technical or shreddy passages but guitar work is strong and adequate, all canonic Power Metal solos are well reproduced here. Vocals are good, mostly in high-range and also very traditional and remind me of Mark Boals, Rob Rock, Joachim Cans and others.

The album begins with wonderful “Ancient Time” – a Classic Melodic Power Metal in Keepers style, fast, catchy and impressive with bright chorus and harmonic guitar solos. I like it very much because this is an awesome opener. The next song “Azgaroth” is also fast but slightly heavier and more riff-oriented. In some cases it reminds me of Riot and Rob Rock. It is good but slightly less catchy. “Here I Am” – another speedy melodic song that includes not only traditional bright guitar solos but also a bass-solo. A short epic break in the middle is cool, too.

The title track “God ‘n’ Evil” is characterized by intensive guitar lines and resembles Gamma Ray’s “Wings of Destiny”. Vocal lines with background echo-effects are inventing and bright. This is an excellent track without any doubts. “Believe” is a slow track, half-acoustic ballad with strong melodiousness. To my surprise, it is unexpectedly good and catchy. Nevertheless, I should note that some moments are very close to HammerFall’s ballad “Glory to the Brave”. “Where Is Heaven” is the fastest track here but it is still very melodic in style of Freedom Call. I can highlight wonderful Helloweenish twin guitar solo and a heavy refrain. I enjoy this number and it does not matter that a song is a bit straightforward and simple.

“Turn off the Lights” is a very heavy mid-tempo track, the riffs dominate here. This rough and not very melodic song really differs from other positive happy-power tracks. I did not get into it at the first listening but now considering it is not bad. I think it was a try to show the band from the other side but other tracks are still much better to me.

I enjoyed the song “Politica” – a back to melodic Power again with simple but catchy chorus. Very good track however a bit weaker than the most others. “Moonpatrol” is one more traditional Melodic Power track with a chorus like in Heavens Gate song “In Control”. Some epic tries in the middle adds a nice atmosphere. I could highlight superb twin solo, yes, it is not original but it is exactly what I want from Power Metal band. “It’s Not Magic” is a bit slower and not so happy, a middle part has acoustic riffs. Hopefully a solo and the last part of the song get some more positive feelings. Decent track but I prefer other power tracks more. One more happy-power track “Dream” that recalls Freedom Call songs closes the album. It has a very-very melodic chorus and superb guitar solos. Oh, and a little joke could be heard at the end – a theme from “We will Rock You”. A really nice song that creates a very good mood.

I am sure that some could claim the band doesn’t have it’s on identity and it is just a pale copy or clone. However I completely disagree with such conclusion. Yes, this album is not very original but musicians could copy classic Helloween (and their followers) so fine and accurate that sometimes sounds as good as original. “God ‘n’ Evil”  is a very impressive debut, the fans of Melodic Euro-Power should enjoy it and I hope musicians could keep their drive for their new excellent albums.


Written by Egor “EG Power”

Ratings    Egor    9/10

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