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The Quireboys live at Limelight 1, Belfast on November 21st, 2014

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Photos by Sara Marsden Photography

Live Gig Review by Mark Dean (Journalist/Writer/Contributor) Myglobalmind Webzine


With a sound forged in the seventies from bands like the Faces,a musical longevity dating from the eighties The Quireboys once more returned to ply their musical wares on a Belfast stage. The band have been regular visitors to our shores since the eighties and indeed form the basis of some of my early gig memories. With their good time party keyboard and dual guitar driven anthems the band recently celebrated  their twentieth anniversary. Far from actually slowing down in recent years the band have actually increased their workload-They have continued to tour relentlessly and also released two new albums in as many years in addition to a reworked re release. Beautiful Curse from 2013 and Black Eyed Son released this year continued in the Quireboys solid musical tradition of beautiful ballads and memorable rocking heavier tunes.

What I have always liked about the band is their ability to have a party each and every night on stage. While the bar that accompanied previous tours may have long gone the sing a long good time vibe still remains. Opening the set with the new song Troublemaker(Black eyed Son) with its heavy edged sound quickly engaged the audience into widespread dancing. The sound was crisp and clear and all musicians had a great vehicle to show their abilities. One thing which the band have always had from their inception right through until the present is a healthy percentage of ladies going to their shows. An unusual aspect in rock music which often results in predominantly male audiences and does make for a pleasant change.


The Quireboys


The set list does pay faithful homage to the songs of their classic debut release-while this may have proved  merely an obligation the band still deliver great renditions of songs that they must have played many thousands of times before. Songs like “Hey You”,”Sex Party” and the timeless classic ballad “I don’t Love You Anymore”still sound as good as they first did back in the eighties. The bands delivery of such certainly not reflecting any staid or just going through the motions sentiments. Newer albums were also well represented in the set list over the course of a strong hour and a half.

Spike retains his bonhomie and  still exhibits a great rapport and level of interaction with both sexes. His vocals remain as characteristic and unchanging since the band first started. Many vocalists over the years tend to lose some elements of their range as they age. Clearly not a problem here.The band retain their ability to deliver a solid night of entertainment each time they step on stage-Several drinks with friends, lots of pretty ladies, and some party anthems. Stepping back in time it was just  like the eighties never went away.

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