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Red Circuit – Haze of Nemesis Review


Released by: Limb Music

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Progressive Metal



Line Up:

Chity Somapala – Vocals
Chris Moser – Guitar
Markus Teske – Keyboards
Tommy Schmitt – Bass
Michael Stein – Drums



1. Oceans Apart
2. My Lonely Heaven
3. Believing a Lie
4. Digging in the Dirt
5. My World Collides
6. Spear of Fate
7. Serpent’s Smile
8. Silent Roaring
9. Haze of Nemesis
10. My Serenade
11. Soldier of Fortune (Bonus Track)


Red Circuit is progressive metal band from Germany that got their start back in 2006 by producer Markus Teske. Following their first release Trance State in 2006 and 2009’s Homeland the group is finally back with this year’s Haze Of Nemesis. Since this was my first introduction to the band, after listening to the new release I went back and listened to many of the songs from the band’s first two albums just to get an idea of where they came from. Or more precisely, how far they’ve come.

What I found from listening to their back catalog is with Haze Of Nemesis they really haven’t come that far. On the surface that statement doesn’t necessarily sound like a ringing endorsement for the album or the band. But, let me explain. It’s kind of difficult to show a lot of improvement and growth when your first two efforts are as a good as Trance State and Homeland. And it’s not always easy to put out a really good record time and time again. But Red Circuit has done just that. With Haze Of Nemesis they have put together three very good (Haze actually borders on great) releases. And they HAVE shown improvement and growth. Maybe not by leaps and bounds, but, again, when you start out really good…..

Haze Of Nemesis is a collection of your standard progressive metal (and some would say power metal, but I really don’t hear it) fare. If you like bands like Dreamscape, Vanden Plas, and Symphony X you will surely enjoy Red Circuit, as this album (and the two preceding it) sound similar to the before mentioned bands. Now, with Red Circuit, you are not getting anything you haven’t heard before from other progressive metal bands. But, what you are getting is some great songs played with a high level of musicianship. And when you consider that founding member, and keyboard player for the band, Markus Teske has previously worked with bands like Vanden Plas, Saga, Dominici, and Symphony X it’s easy to hear the high level of musicianship. He has surrounded himself with a cast (Chity Somapala on vocals, Chris Moser on guitars, Tommy Schmitt on bass, and Michael Stein on drums) that has a lot of experience.

All the songs on Haze Of Nemesis are quite good, if not close to great. And, if you are coming into this album already a fan of progressive metal you are going to hear what you expect. The songs are interesting, that is to say there is a lot going on within each song that may take a few listens to fully absorb without losing the listener. And all the songs, save for the “epic” My Serenade that clocks in at 9:39, are in the 3-5 minute range. Although I tend to think a longer song (in the 5-10 minute range) is always better, Red Circuit has made their shorter songs sound longer. As I stated earlier the level of musicianship is top quality. Chity’s voice is perfect for the genre and Chris’ guitar playing is awesome (great solos by Chris are abundant). None of the songs really stand out only because they all are so good. Maybe there is one song that does stand out a little bit. The song My World Collides is a duet featuring the beautiful and very talented American singer-songwriter Amanda Somerville. She does a wonderful job and the female vocals add a beautiful touch to the song and the album.

In this review I have said that this release is your standard progressive metal fare and that you are not going to get anything you haven’t heard before. But, let me make this perfectly clear, that doesn’t diminish how really good Haze Of Nemesis is. You, the listener, will not be disappointed.


Written by Jeff Dupas

Ratings    Jeff    8/10

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