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Electric Mary live at The Borderline, London on November 13th, 2014

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Live Photos and Gig Review Credit: Anna Zurek

13th November, The Borderline, that was the place to be when Electric Mary played one of their shows of their UK tour in London. A small, intimate club that once filled with Electric Mary’s sound and energy transported you back into 1975. Why that date? Read on to find out.

Broken Chords was the first band that night to entertain the crowd. Singer Joe Finnigan reminded of a young John Travolta out of Saturday Night Fever with his hair neatly combed back and his blouse that could have been out of the late 70s, but still with a modern edge. But the latter not only showed in his fashion choice but also in Broken Chords’ music which combined elements of the 70s and early heavy metal to a sound similar to the likes of Reignwolf with an equally interesting performance. Although all of them had great energy on stage, singer Joe Finnigan stood out with his rather eccentric movements, throwing his hands in the air between power chord changes and occasional solos, pointing into different directions and kicking his leg in the air. A good performance that definitely got the crowd to move their heads along in approval.

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Second supporting act, Kyshera, took the stage next but with a heavier sound similar to Disturbed or Rage Against The Machine with a few unexpected ballads in the set. It showed that compared to the first act who had been founded last year, Kyshera had a few more years experience in touring as the first thing vocalist James Kennedy did was animate the crowd to move closer to the stage, to jump and sing along and get into the feel of their music. The connection he managed to establish with the crowd mixed with Kyshera’s catchy rhythm and riffs got the audience to move along in no time. Kyshera offered great, heavy songs mixed with a powerful performance and perfectly set the stage for what was coming next, headliner and Aussie rockers Electric Mary.

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Right before starting their set, vocalist Rusty announced we’d go back to ‘75 while looking anything alike that era wearing a black coat on stage and having his hair tied up in a samurai topknot which together slightly reminded of something Jared Leto would wear. Electric Mary’s sound on the other hand had a very 70ish vibe for sure with long instrumentals including guitar solo duels, a drum and bass solo in between songs when Rusty would occasionally leave the stage. The bass line together with some guitar riffs reminded of a heavier Black Sabbath sound, at other times Led Zeppelin or Jimi Hendrix would come to mind. Rusty’s voice though reminded of a mix of Lemmy and Joe Cocker. During their performance all band members instantly connected with the crowd, leaning into their cheering fans, animating them to sing and move along while at the same time having a very laid back aura around them. It was obvious that both Electric Mary and the crowd had fun. Right before the set ended, Rusty invited Broken Chords’ singer Joe on stage to sing along to one of Electric Mary’s songs and once the song was finished, the set ended timely.

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Electric Mary’s gig that night definitely brought back something that reminded of the 70s. Musicians enjoying their music, emerging in their instruments during long solos and being laid back with the crowd, resulting in a mutual enjoyment of their music. So next time Electric Mary is back in London, make sure to give it a go and check them out. To stay up-to-date on future tour dates of all bands, make sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter (@brokenchords_uk, @kyshera, @electricmary).

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