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Divine Chaos – A New Dawn in the Age of War Review


Genre : Thrash Metal

Released By : Evil Eye Records, Out Now!



Line Up:

Chris O’Toole – Lead Guitar,
Dave Bennett – Bass/vox,
Benny F – Vocals,
Gilmour – Guitar,
James – Drums



Last Confession

Death Toll Rising

The Myth

Shadow Of God

Ignorance Everlasting

Rivers Of Blood

Fields Of The Fallen

Sinain Sands

Perpetual War Policy


As has been the case for the past 5 or 6 years now, 2014 saw the Thrash Metal revival grow bigger and bigger. Thrash fans were spoiled for choice this year too with great albums from genre stalwarts OVERKILL and EXODUS, and also many other great bands like EXMORTUS, HIRAX, SUICIDAL ANGELS, DUST BOLT, EXECUTER, TORMENTOR and many more flying the Thrash flag. One band though, that seems to have flown under the radar and maybe missed people’s attention is DIVINE CHAOS, a relatively new band from England who released their debut album, A NEW DAWN IN THE AGE OF WAR via Evil Eye Records a bit earlier in the year.

Some will say that the album should fall under the Death Metal category, because vocalist Benny F has a much heavier approach than your usual Thrash metal singer. His vocal approach is still cohesive enough to understand without a lyrics sheet though… Think a less screechy and darker adaption of the singing style of EXODUS vocalist Steve Souza. Musically though, this couldn’t be classed as anything other than pure ass-kicking, neck-snapping Thrash Metal. The twin guitar attack approach here works really well and is supported by a strong rhythm section. Yes at times, the almost blast-beat drumming, and detuned riffing harkens strongly to a Melodic Death metal vibe in places, it’s Thrash fans that will get the most joy out of the album.

While not a concept album, there is a definite theme running throughout. It is about global warfare, and how the sins of mankind are quickly steering us toward the destruction of our world. A very relevant topic at this time which makes the album the perfect soundtrack for a time where our world is screaming out in pain.

As the year draws to a close and the best-of lists start flooding the interwebs it seems logical to start looking toward 2015, which is already hinting at being a ridiculously good year for metal. Before you do though, make sure to dig a little deeper in the vast sea of good lesser-known releases from 2014, as there is bound to be a few gems hidden away. A DAWN IN THE AGE OF WAR is definitely one of those gems and is highly recommended. The entire album can be streamed for free on the label’s BandCamp page too, so what do have to lose?

 Update: As this review was being written, the band announced that they have been selected as the support act for SODOM in London and Dublin in February. So if you’re in that part of the world, go and check these guys out and you get to see the almighty SODOM too!
Written by Zeezee

Ratings    Zeezee    9/10

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