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Furyon – Lost Salvation Review


Released by: Dream Records

Release Date:  on February 23

Genre: Hard Rock



Line Up:

Matt Mitchell – Vocals
Alex Bowen – Bass
Lee Farmery – Drums
Luca Faraone – Guitars
Tiago Rosado – Guitars


2015 looks like it’s going to be a fantastic year for rock & metal releases.

On the 26th January 2015 FURYON release their long awaited 2nd album entitled Lost Salvation via Dream Records.
Back in 2010 Furyon self-issued their debut album Gravitas as a collectors edition. It was picked up in 2012 by Frontier records & was released on the 23rd March of 2012.
As with most bands (if not all) it takes a lifetime to write & record your 1st album so you have plenty of time to hone your chops & make it the best you can be.

It’s always difficult to follow up a debut record with a product that is just as strong as the 1st.
Furyon have achieved this & a lot more.
The album is exactly what we have come to expect from the Brighton based maestros, crunching riffs, tighter than a ducks arse rhythm section, killer vocals with catchy choruses & lots of shredding solos.

01. All That I Have – Great opener to set you up for what is to follow

02. Lost Salvation – Issued as part of a limited run via a Classic Rock magazine subscription cover mounted CD. The title track is as catchy as it gets. Perfect for a live audience to sing along to.

03. These Four Walls – The 1st video single & again a bombastic rocker of a track. Shredding solo & shows Matt Mitchells vocal range & scope off with great aplomb.

04. Scapegoat – Starts off quiet but kicks in with Lee Farmerys unmistakable swinging drums. This will be another live favourite. Chris Green is displaying some of his finest guitar work to date.

05. Resurrect Me – With its Chris Green led intro. This track has Furyons signature groove to it & showcases how tight his band really is.

06. Left It with the Gods – Highly addictive bridge & chorus. I’m glad they didn’t leave this with the gods & shared this as part of this album

07. Good Sky – A rocker of a track that you can’t help but nod along to.

08. Dematerialize – With its incendiary guitar solo & killer hook this comes at you with the full force of an 18 wheeler truck

09. What You Need – This is exactly what you need with a penultimate track. A slow mover of a song that will get the lighters (mobile phones) up in the air in a live situation

10. Wiseman – The final track on the album which is a full force metal track. It’s just a shame this is the last track on this album as it really does leave you wanting more.

With the run time a little over 42 minutes. It’s 42 minutes of exceptional material. It pains me to write this phrase but it truly is all killer & no filler.

This is already a contender for album of the year. If this record isn’t the making of FURYON then there is some sort of conspiracy theory in place. I heartily recommend seeing this band live.


Written by Matt

Ratings    Matt    9/10

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  1. I saw them in 2012 on a festival in Rotterdam,Holland and I did not know the band, I have just bought the second album and I am loving it, very good band and very different than a lot bands, hope to see them soon on stage in Holland!!!


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