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Fury – The Lightning Dream Review


Genre: Power/Speed/Thrash/Metal

Record Label: Self-Released

Release Date: Out Now



Line Up:

Julian Jenkins – Vocals & Guitar

Jake Beesley – Guitar & Backing Vocals

Martin Trail – Bass & Backing Vocals

Alasdair Davis – Drums & Backing Vocals


Track Listing:

Into The Dark
Edge Of Time
Warrior’s Prayer
Prince Of Darkness
Out Beyond The Stars
Kill The Light
Haul Away
The Lightning Dream


Fury are a four piece band from Worcester in the UK and play, according to their Facebook page, Power/Speed/Thrash/Metal.  That sounds like a good description to me because there are elements of all those genres present, all mixed up and formed into ten excellent songs that make for a really good album.

Album opener, “Into The Dark”, is a great synopsis of the album as a whole really as it features an abundance of riffs, a variety of differently paced sections, Justin’s distinctive husky vocals and many tremendous guitar breaks.  In fact, I can imagine this album being responsible for quite a few air guitar cherries being popped as it is very difficult to keep your hands still while listening – it’s just as well I’m typing or I might well be embarrassing myself right now!

The musicianship throughout the album is of a really high standard with the guitars being particularly impressive to me, as I’ve always been a sucker for a screaming guitar and copious solos is definitely the way to my heart.  That’s not to say that the rest of the band are inferior by any means because that certainly isn’t the case, Alasdair’s drums for example are excellent throughout.  He can thrash out a ferocious beat when required but not constantly so that it becomes boring like some bands that play faster paced music, there’s dexterity and restraint used too which really increases my interest.

This brings me to my only real complaint and that is the bass is too far down in the mix to really hear Martin’s playing clearly without fiddling with the equaliser which is something I don’t like to do, preferring to listen to the album as it is delivered.  It’s a shame because when you listen to the bass lines being played, they complement the songs well and combine with the drums to make a really effective rhythm section.  The solution is to boost that bass and enjoy!

Fury have a great knack on this release to somehow not only make the shorter songs feel more epic than perhaps the sum of their parts might suggest but also to make the longer (seven minutes plus on no fewer than six of the ten tracks) songs seem to fly by.  “Haul Away” for example features many different paced sections, plentiful solos, a great sing-along section and a wonderful atmospheric ending that hints of greater things to come on future material and all without overstaying its welcome despite being over eight minutes in length.

The song “Britannia” must be singled out for special mention as it can only be described as the very definition of the word anthem.  With its chorus that all but demands to be shouted along with and verses that make me wish I had a jug of ale in my hand to wave in the air.  This is one of those songs that just get better and better the more friends (and ales) that you have with you.  A brilliant solo just completes the song perfectly.  Quite possibly my favourite song from the album and probably one of my favourite of 2014 from anyone.

Fury have released a great album here which is well worth getting hold of if you have any interest in Power or Speed Metal or even just Heavy Metal that is a bit on the faster side.  Well-written, well played music is always good no matter what label you put on the tin and there is plenty of variety on show here too so that should help broaden the appeal even further.  The fact that the album comes with a free copy of the last EP while stocks last make this even more of a bargain.  Get it and enjoy it, you can thank me later!


Written by Duncan Everson

Ratings    Duncan    9/10

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