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The Furor – Impending Revelation Review

The Furor Impending Revelation

The Furor – Impending Revelation

Released by: Self released

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Black Metal, Death Metal



Line Up:

Dizazter (All Instruments, Vocals)



01. Hammer Heirachy

02. Inferno Fortification

03. Summoned Obsurity

04. Seven Trumpets (Ceasless Armageddon)

05. Corpse Eclipse

06. Diabolic Liberation

07. Black Sorcerer of Sadism

08.Show No Mercy (Slayer Cover)

09. The Pentagram Prevails


THE FUROR are a black metal-based extreme band from Perth, Australia. IMPENDING REVELATION is the band’s fourth full-length release since their debut in 2004. The biggest difference this around right off the bat, is that the band’s drummer “DIZAZTER” has decided to go it alone, writing and recording all of the instruments and vocals by himself. Many have tried this in the past, and more often than not the results are lacking in certain areas, showing an individual’s deficiencies. Here though, DIZAZSTER shows that he is more than up to the task and has’ created an album that should certainly sit atop the pile of things done by the band previously.

The sound of Impending Revelation is based on Black Metal sensibilities for sure, but there is also a clear Death Metal vibe going on in much of the material and also some Blackened Thrash Metal too. Vocals are done in the Black Metal high-pitch growl style, but a big plus is that they are easily understandable to a metal-trained ear, without losing any of the pure aggression and terror that you would want from somebody whose lyrical themes are those of rising hell-beasts and the horrific decimation of the world.

At nine songs long, the album never wears out its welcome, clocking in at just over the 40 minute mark, which also includes a great, aggressive cover of SLAYER classic SHOW NO MERCY. The production suits the material for the most part, with a sort of dry and sharp sound, but also with a bit more low end than your typical Black Metal release, which helps accentuate the more Death Metal style of song writing that is shown in places here.

IMPENDING REVELATION is what you could call a bit of a safe bet for extreme metal fans. There aren’t any surprises to be found here, just a good, solid Death/ Black metal album that is easy to get into and enjoyable on repeat listens. It’s quite impressive to think that this is the work of a lone man, and hopefully FUROR have a big future ahead of them.


Written by: ZeeZee Dawson

Ratings:    ZeeZee    8/10

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