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Rwake – Xenoglossalgia: The Last Stage of Awareness Review


Rwake – Xenoglossalgia: The Last Stage of Awareness

Released by: Relapse

Release Date: 9th February 2015

Genre: Sludge,Doom, Experimental



Line Up:

C.T. (Vocals, Samples)

Kris Graves (Guitar)

Chris Newman (Guitar)

Aaron Mills (Bass)

Jeff Morgan (Drums)

Rob (Keyboard) (Backing vocals)



1.0 Intro

2.0 Stairwell

3.0 Ordie

4.0 Xenoglossalgia

5.0 Nagarachi

6.0 Interlude

7.0 Calibos/So Fucking Tired


This is the earliest recording from experimental doom/sludge monsters Rwake. This was recorded by the Arkansas outfit in the late 90s when the band were very young, this is a point in time and demonstrates where they came from to go on to produce such monstrous records like “Voices of Omens”.. For a rough reference they sit somewhere between Neurosis and the harsh tones of Amenra, however these formative recordings are far from that subtlety. The opening track “Stairwell” screams Japanese sludge experts “Corrupted” from the insanely gargled vocals to the slow lurching riffs which also includes a semi melodic solo with a psychedelic feel to it. “Or Die” takes the pressure off slightly with a more Neurosis – Souls at Zero vibe, this has more driving riffs and a more recognisable structure. “Calibos/So Fucking Tired” is a marathon and a test of nerves to sit through. For the first 15 minutes its fairly fast with riffs being hammered out before it sounds like it has been flicked to half speed and it descends into a tormenting slow crawling mesh of riffs, growls and samples. The song then dissipates more into droned out feedback with plenty of guitar pedal and god knows what else electronic manipulation. It’s your worst nightmare, sonically challenging and shows a band that have in later years become refined in their own way without losing any of their uniqueness. They have stuck to their vision and this is a welcome re-release which adds to an already stellar back catalogue.


Written by: DG Mccallum

Ratings: DG Mccallum  4/10

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