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Adrenaline Mob – Dearly Departed Review


Label: Century Media

Release Date: 10th February 2015

Genre: Heavy Metal


Line up:
Russell Allen – Vocals
Mike Orlando – Guitar/Vocals
Erik Leonhardt – Bass
AJ Pero – Drums


Track Listing:

  1. Snortin’ Whiskey (Pat Travers)
  2. Dearly Departed (Edited version of Men of Honor track)
  3. The Devil Went Down to Georgia (Charlie Daniels Band)
  4. Crystal Clear (Acoustic version of Men of Honor track)
  5. Sabbath Medley (Black Sabbath)
  6. Whatever Gets You through The Night (Unreleased from the Men of Honor sessions)
  7. Angel Sky (Acoustic version of Omerta track)
  8. All on the Line (Acoustic version of Omerta track)
  9. Tie Your Mother Down (Queen)


Adrenaline Mob have released 2 fantastic albums of their own material (Omerta 2012 & Men of Honor 2014), an album of cover versions (Coverta 2013) and now a record in 2015 with rarities and cover versions.

Dearly Departed features 9 tracks and only 1 is a track from the previous album sessions and showcases all aspects of what is essentially a super group.

Adrenaline Mob do cover versions really well as you’d expect with a band featuring talent from Twisted Sister and Symphony X. The Sabbath Medley for instance is simply amazing. The transition from Sabbath Bloody Sabbath to Killing Yourself to Live is a technical masterclass and Russell Allens vocals are suited well to not just Sabbath but also all the other covers on this disc. Mike Orlando has to be given a special mention on this particular track for shredding like a maniac on the outro solo too. His fingers must’ve been on fire at the end of the take.

It’s the acoustic tracks that are the highlight for me personally as that shows the songs stripped right back to basics and without all the trappings of having digital effects tamper with the quality of musicianship. This is where the band truly comes alive for me and it shows exactly what they are capable of when completely laid bare. Angel Sky had the hairs of the back of my neck standing on end. The original version was good, but this is really in another league.

Whatever gets you Through the Night is another good slice of Adrenaline Mob and made me wonder why it wasn’t included on the Men of Honor album. In fact it’s this release that has me wondering a few things. Why release this as a single entity & not produce a limited edition of the Men of Honor album?

This release has the feel to me of a cheeky cash in. The band know that the fans love it when they do cover versions which is why they released the album Coverta (which incidentally could’ve been packaged into a limited version of Omerta)

Adrenaline Mob have released great works of their own without entering the arena of parody which is an area they are flirting with in the case of this release. This is a fun release however and you can tell that all involved had fun with it.

Diehard fans of the band will lap this up with great aplomb and so they should as it’s really good for what it is. I personally would like to have seen Dearly Departed packaged with Men of Honor as a limited edition.


Written by MGM

Ratings: MGM 6/10

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