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Rainbow alight

Genre: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

Record Label: Polydor, BMG

Release Date: 9Th February 2015


Line up:


  • Richie Blackmore (Guitar)
  • Ronnie James Dio (Lead vocals)
  • Gary Driscoll (Drums)
  • Craig Gruber (Bass)
  • Micky Lee Soule (Keyboards)



  • Richie Blackmore (Guitar)
  • Ronnie James Dio (Lead vocals)
  • Jimmy Bain (Bass)
  • Toney Carey (Keyboards)
  • Cozy Powell (Drums)



  • Richie Blackmore (Guitar)
  • Ronnie James Dio (Lead Vocals)
  • Cozy Powell (Drums)
  • Mark Clarke (Bass)
  • David Stone (Keyboards)



  • Richie Blackmore (Guitar)
  • Ronnie James Dio (Lead vocals)
  • Cozy Powell (Drums)
  • David Stone (Keyboards)
  • Bob Daisley (Bass/backing vocals)



  • Richie Blackmore (Guitar)
  • Cozy Powell (Drums)
  • Don Airey (Keyboards/Backing vocals)
  • Graham Bonnet (Lead vocals)
  • Roger Glover (Bass/ Backing Vocals)



  • Richie Blackmore (Guitar)
  • Don Airey (Keyboards)
  • Roger Glover (Bass)
  • Bobby Rondinelli (Drums)
  • Joe Lynn Turner (Lead vocals/Rhythm Guitar)



  • Richie Blackmore (Guitar)
  • Roger Glover (Bass)
  • Joe Lynn Turner (Lead Vocals/ Rhythm Guitar)
  • Bobby Rondinelli (Drums)
  • David Rosenthal (Keyboards)



Rainbow disbanded meaning Blackmore and Glover returned to previous band Deep Purple.



Track listing:

Disc 1

1.0 Black sheep of the family

2.0 Sixteenth Century Greensleeves

3.0 Snake Charmer

4.0 The temple of the king

5.0 Tarot Woman (Rough Mix)

6.0 Stargazer (Rough Mix)

7.0 Run with the wolf (Rough Mix)

8.0 Mistreated Live in Osaka Japan 1976


Disc 2

1.0 Sensitive to light (Rough Mix)

2.0 The Shed

3.0 Rainbow eyes (Rough Mix)

4.0 Jesu, Joy of man’s desiring (Bob Daisley Rehearsal Tape)

5.0 Long live Rock n Roll (LA Rehearsal)

6.0 Do you close your eye

7.0 Still I’m sad (With organ intro/ Bob Daisley rehearsal tape)

8.0 Gates of Babylon

9.0 Catch the rainbow live

10.0 Long live rock n roll live in Munich Germany 1977

11.0 A. Connection Live in Munich Germany 1977


Disc 3

1.0 Eyes of the world instrumental

2.0 Ain’t a lot of love in the heart of me

3.0 Lost in Hollywood

4.0 Danger Zone

5.0 Since you been gone

6.0 Bad girl

7.0 Over the Rainbow/Eyes of the world (King Biscuit Hour Radio Broadcast)

8.0 Loves no friend (King Biscuit Hour Radio Broadcast)

9.0 Ode of joy (King Biscuit Hour Radio Broadcast)

10.0 All night long (Single remix version)

11.0 Weiss Heim

12.0 Stargazer Live at Donnington 1980


Disc 4

1.0 Midtown tunnel vision

2.0 I surrender

3.0 Magic

4.0 Vielleicht Das Nachster Mal

5.0 Jealous lover

6.0 Spotlight kid (Live at Hammersmith odeon London 1981)

7.0 Rule Britannia/Fire (Live at Hammersmith odeon London 1981)

8.0 Death Alley driver

9.0 Bring on the night (Dream chaser)

10.0 Stone cold

11.0 Power Live in san Antonio

12.0 Miss mistreated Live in San Antonio, TX 1982

13.0 Tearin’ out my heart Live in San Antonio, TX 1982


Disc 5

1.0 Can’t Let you go

2.0 Desperate heart

3.0 Anybody there (Outtake/ Polar mix)

4.0 Drinking with devil (Outtake/ Polar mix)

5.0 Make your move

6.0 Snowman

7.0 Street of dreams

8.0 Stranded Live at St Davids Hall, Cardiff 1983

9.0 Power Live at St Davids Hall, Cardiff 1983

10.0 Fire Dance Live at St Davids Hall, Cardiff 1983

11.0 Fool for the night (Live at Tokyo Budokan 1984)

12.0 Difficult to cure (Live at Tokyo Budokan 1984)

13.0 Smoke on the water (Live at Tokyo Budokan 1984)



From the moment you first set eyes on this spectacular 6 disc box set array of Rainbow’s finest work, you know you won’t be disappointed. The recently released ‘A light in the Black’ includes everything a Rainbow fan could ever wish to have a hold of. Covering just under a decade of Rainbow’s finest hard rock moments you get a real feel for the band’s various changes, members and all. Each disc offers a different era of Rainbow with various musical directions approached by the many great vocalists that have fronted this band over the years. However you’re still getting good old Rock N Roll.

‘A light in the Black’ is pure music quality genius. Various mixes of Live and studio rehearsal recordings are included offering any Rainbow fan that little extra sense of connection.

This British band sold over 28 million albums worldwide and it’s no surprise as to why. With handfuls of excellent lyricists’ and unbelievable musicianship Rainbow has always been able to give the Rock world something no short of excellence. A light in the Black captures all of this and their work at its finest with well-known hits such as ‘Long live Rock N Roll’ ‘Stargazer’ and ‘Desperate Heart’ being three of many that show just how much musical diversity Rainbow had. However if you aren’t a major Rainbow fan and are oblivious to anything other than their commonly played hits on various Rock radio shows etc. then this box set may prove to be a little too diverse for your liking.

Nevertheless the thing I would pinpoint as to what makes this Box set so special is the amount of rare tracks and instrumentals included. These along with Rough mixes of songs such as ‘Tarot woman’ and ‘Run with the wolf’ featured on disc 1 and various live tracks from San Antonio, Munich in Germany along with many more allow the listener and viewer to be reminded of just how much Rainbow have achieved career wise.

Passing through this band were some of the best vocalists and musicians this genre of music had to offer. Each member is fairly included on various discs and tracks involved in the box set showing the incredible talent and aspects brought overtime. From the brilliant storyteller that was Ronnie James Dio to the power vocal frontman Graham Bonnet and the more AOR focused Joe Lynn Turner. You really are spoilt for choice. It covers Rainbow from its fledgling beginnings to the classic line up era and beyond.

Compiled by Richie Blackmore enthusiast and expert Andy Francis, this box set truly is one of a kind covering a whole Polydor of Rainbow’s very successful career. This is presented through the mixture of music, words and pictures leaving any Rainbow fan blown away by the outcome as the story of Rainbow is unveiled and does not dissatisfy.

Written by: Alex Alicia Firth



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