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Michael Schenker’s Temple Of Rock – Spirit On A Mission Review

Michael Schenker

Release date: 23rd March 2015

Released by: in-akustik

Genre: Hard Rock


Track Listing:

1.Live And Let Live


3.Vigilante Man

4.Rock City

5.Saviour Machine

6.Something Of The Night

7.All Our Yesterdays


9.Let The Devil Scream

10.Good Times

11.Restless Heart



Line Up:

Michael Schenker – Guitars

Doogie White – Lead Vocals

Herman Rarebell – Drums

Francis Buchholz – Bass

Wayne Findlay – Seven String Guitar/Keyboards



Before guitar enthusiasts were salivating over the wizardry of Eddie Van Halen, Steve Vai and Joe Satriani, genius German, Michael Schenker, adorned the walls of most potential shredders walls. The now 60 year old legend first cut his teeth with Scorpions. He appeared on their debut album, Lonesome Crow in 1972, at the tender age of 17, before hooking up with British rock giants UFO in 1974.

Despite his well documented personal problems over the years, he enjoyed a prolific career with the Michael Schenker Group and then with McAuley/Schenker, which accumulated in the release of an impressive 23 albums. Plus he released 8 solo albums between 1993 and 2003. Now 2015, he’s about to release his 3rd studio album with his latest band Temple Of Rock. Entitled Spirit On A Mission, he’s once again joined by the classic ex Scorpions rhythm section, drummer Herman Rarebell and bassist Francis Buchholz.

Schenker lays down his intentions with exuberant majesty on opener Let And Let Live. This anarchic track’s a winner from start to finish, Doogie White‘s pipes, especially on the chorus, remind us why Ritchie Blackmore secured his services with Rainbow. Next up a bit of tongue in cheek, christian rock, with the stomping Communion, followed by the seductive drive of Vigilante Man, a real pedal to the metal song with an audacious tempo.

And that vibe continues on Rock City with Schenker in a playful mode, on what is a good, honest, no frills, rock song. The biggest compliment I can pay Savior Machine is that it’s the Black Sabbath track that should of been on the 13 album. Dark, melodic and chillingly atmospheric, all the elements Mr Osbourne revels in.

Halfway point and I’m really struggling to find a genuine flaw in this record. And Something Of The Night doesn’t disappoint, a lot more experimental than previous tracks, but once again White’s ear for a come to bed hook is second to none. All Our Yesterdays doesn’t really ignite with the same gusto, but when Schenker embarks on a solo on that famous Flying V, you’re hooked. Herman Rarebell may be on the heavy side of 60, but his rampaging drum intro on Bulletproof rolls back the years.

Wayne Findlay‘s soothing keyboards on the opening on Let The Devil Scream, are dwarfed by a typical bullish riff that compliments some brilliantly constructed lyrics. The explosive Restless Heart comes out of the traps at breakneck speed, if they can replicate 50% of this songs power live, it’s gonna burn. The album closes with the groove charged Wicked, a riff tight monster of a track that’s one of the many jewels on this album.

Right from the opening chords on this record, class, precision and all conquering power rain down on every track. I mentioned Vai, Satriani and Mr Van Halen at beginning of this review, all innovative legendary guitarists. But they’re mainly worshipped by players who want to be them, but with Schenker there’s a potent simplicity to his playing that motivates an individual style. Don’t deny yourself the chance to hear this album, a masterclass in earsplitting rock.

Written by: Brian

Rating: Brian 10/10

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2 thoughts on “Michael Schenker’s Temple Of Rock – Spirit On A Mission Review

  1. I Had the Honor of Being Michaels Assistant while he lived in Phx AZ..I Am Truly Happy that We Both are on A Mission Far Better than We Were Back Then..Awesome to See Michael Happy & Sharing His Amazing Music for the World to Hear…Much Love & Respect for You Michael…Cya next month, I’m Ready to Rock with Your New Music…Keep Rockin Hun…Muuah..<3


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