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Scorpions – Return to Forever Review


Released: 20th February

Released By:RCA/SevenOne Music

Genre: Hard Rock



Line Up:

Klaus Meine-Lead Vocals

Rudolph Schenker-Guitars

Matthias Jabs-Guitars

James Kottak-Drums

Pawel Maciwoda-Bass


Track List:

1.Going Out With A Bang

2.We Built This House

3.Rock My Car

4.All For One

5.House Of Cards

6.Rock ‘N’ Roll Band

7.Catch Your Luck And Play

8.Rollin Home

9.Hard Rockin The Place

10.Eye Of The Storm

11.The Scratch

12.Gypsy Life


If you were to put a gun to my head and ask me to pick the definitive rock album of the 80’s, without hesitation, Scorpions, Love At First Sting I would nervously answer. The Dieter Dierks produced masterpiece memorably spawned the timeless classics, Rock You Like A Hurricane, Big City Nights and Still Loving You. Those songs continue to resonate today with rock fans the world over. In a career that has produced album sales in excess of 100 million, the band had flirted with the idea of retirement with an extensive farewell tour. But with a new generation of fans attending Scorpions shows, a renewed vigour engulfed the band.

So much so, to celebrate the bands 50th anniversary, a tour and the release of a new album, Return To Forever, their 19th studio album is set to open a whole new chapter in the German legends history. And that chapter begins with Going Out With A Bang, they’re dropping a hint here regarding their future, but judging by the racket they make here, they ain’t going quietly. The soft, melodic tempo of We Built This House, probably won’t excite the most hardened of rockers, but if AOR is your weapon of choice, this slick tune will not disappoint.

Scorpions made no secret of the fact that a lot of this album is made up of unfinished tracks from the Love At First Sting and Blackout sessions. And on hearing the all out mayhem on Rock My Car, a nostalgic jolt will hit you right between the eyes. All For One may have cheesy high five brotherhood lyrics, but the strong melodic chorus makes this song.

I’m not exaggerating when I say Scorpions are the grandmasters of the rock ballad, Still Loving You, Wind Of Change and When The Smoke Is Going Down, all firmly back up that statement. House Of Cards can be proudly added to that list, with Klaus Meine‘s unmistakable voice sublime as always. There’s no massive power finish, Jabs and Schenker show a classy restraint with some soothing fretwork. But it’s to back to basics on the full throttle Rock ‘N’ Roll Band and the arrogant strut of Catch Your Luck And Play, a track brimming with feel good vibes. Rollin Home is way too tame and frankly is nothing more than a poor b-side, but they’re back in the saddle on Hard Rockin The Place with Schenker and Jabs showing why they’re probably the most consistent guitar duo in rock history.

More balladeer magic on the genial Eye Of The Storm, maximum simplicity is the key here on a track packed with genuine emotion. TheScorps do their best Stray Cats impersonation on The Scratch, a rampaging slice of metalized rockabilly. The real money shot on this album comes with closer Gypsy Life, another ballad, but a real throwback to the classic era of the Scorpions, a song that ties together all the elements that made this band so engaging.

There are no surprises on this album, no great leaps are trying to be made, nor do they need to be. Scorpions legendary status has been cemented for years now. Today they are just helping to keep the flag of hard rock and heavy metal flying high.


Written by Brian Boyle

Ratings    Brian    9/10

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  1. Great review Brian, love the Scorpions as well defiantly in my Top 5 bands of all-time I’ve pre-ordered the deluxe edition which includes another 4 tracks i think


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