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Therapy – Disquiet Album Review


Released-23rd March

Released By-Amazing Record Co

Genre-Hard Rock/Alternative Metal



Line Up:

Andy Cairns-Vocals/Guitar

Neil Cooper-Drums

Michael McKeegan


Track listing:

1.Still Hurts


3.Good News Is No News

4.Fall Behind

5.Idiot Cousin

6.Helpless Still Lost


8.Vulgar Display Of Powder

9.Words Fail Me

10.Torment Sorrow Misery Strife



Despite Northern Ireland rockers Therapy releasing an impressive 14 studio albums in a career spanning 26 years, their die hard fans will most likely tell you they deserve to be eating at a bigger table than they are now. They’ve never had the luxury of a massive American medical drama series use one of their songs and subsequently catapult their career through the stratosphere. Nevertheless I don’t think their fans are bothered, their brawling brand of rock continues to enthrall. And they don’t come more enthralling than Still Hurts, the opening track to latest album Disquiet, and the following up to 2012’s experimental Brief Crack Of Light. A bruising beginning, with a well balanced mix of power and melody.  Second song in, Tides, may have suspect production, but it’s chorus is instantly engaging, while Good News Is No News features a dark and deceptive opening but builds to a boisterous finale, a great song packed with classic Therapy traits.

Despite sounding like it was recorded and mixed down a rainy manhole, Fall Behind still maintains a lot of charm with it’s grunge filled rhythms. Andy Cairns mind bending riff thunders down on the opening of Helpless Still Lost, another cut throat rocker that brilliantly drops a gear for a trance like mid section. Insecurity wouldn’t jump out as a stand out track and frankly packs a bit of a feeble punch, but the brilliantly titled Vulgar Display Of Powder displays why I often see real elements of early Metallica in their delivery. That will probably sicken the purist of Therapy fans, but I could see James Hetfield putting his stamp on this one. It’s all out Ulster fury on the grizzly Words Fail Me, a complete wrecking ball of a track that will pound you into submission.

Not a chance to draw breath with Torment Sorrow Misery Strife, hands down the best track on the album, more proof why no one does melodic anarchic rock better. The album closes on a dark and somber note with Deathstimate, a riff infused belter that will draw you in with it’s chilling atmospheric vibes.

This collection is without doubt vintage Therapy, music made firmly for themselves and their loyal following, and not for Dr McDreamy.


Written by Brian

Ratings    Brian    9/10


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