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Motor Sister – Ride Review


Released by: Metal Blade

Release Date: March 10th, 2015

Genre: Rock

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Line Up:

Jim Wilson (vocals, guitar)

Scott Ian (guitar)

Joey Vera (bass)

John Tempesta (drums)

Pearl Aday (vocals)



1.  A-Hole

2. This Song Reminds Me Of You

3. Beg Borrow Steal

4. Fool Around

5. Get That Girl

6. Head Hanging Low

7. Fork in the Road

8. Little Motor Sister

9. Pretty in the Morning

10. Whore

11. Doghouse

12. Devil Wind


Motor Sister are a new group formed with some well known veterans playing straight ahead rock which covers many different styles within the rock genre. The band came about after Jim Wilson the front man from LA band Mother Superior gathered together some friends for a jam through his band’s songs for his 50th birthday. The friends are none other than Scott Ian (Anthrax), Joey Vera (Armored Saint), journeyman drummer John Tempesta (The Cult, Testament, White Zombie) and Scott’s wife Pearl Aday. A decision was taken to record an album of essentially Mother Superior’s greatest hits. The album was recorded in 2 days only a few weeks after the initial jam. I had not heard of Mother Superior before however this album is a chock full of solid rock which has nods to more familiar bands and sounds like a jukebox soundtrack. The trio of tracks which kicks of the album are high energy rock with pace and catchy hooks and has that radio friendly tinge to it. “Fool Around” takes the pace down into more bluesy territory which the band handles well considering their backgrounds. The twin vocals with Pearl and Jim work really well together and it is a shame that it isn’t more prominent throughout. “Head Hanging Low” is a track which has a Californian surf feel to it, casting up images of sun soaked beaches and calm seas. The closer “Devil Wind” has more than a passing resemblance to Fleetwood Mac’s “Big Love”, a superb end track and one that would leave you wondering what this collection of musicians could do if writing a fresh album of material. Considering the speed of the appearance of the album from formation to completion, it is a top notch production and an album that will appeal to rock fans worldwide and prick the interest of the thrash and metal fans to see what their heroes have conjured up.

Written by: Dave McCallum


Ratings: Dave 7/10

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