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Bonafide – Denim Devils Review



Release date: 2 February 2015

Released by: Off Yer Rocks Recordings

Genre: Hard Rock



Line Up:

Pontus Snibb – Vocals & Guitar

Anders Rosell – Guitar

Martin Ekelund – Bass

Niklas Matsson – Drums



1. Round and Round

2. Hold Down The Fort

3. Killer

4. Get A Grip

5. 5050

6. Good Stuff

7. Rock N’ Roll Lifestyle

8. One Kiss

9. Who Am I To Judge

10. Missing You

11. The Game

12. This One’s For You


2nd February sees Swedish hard rockers Bonafide release their fifth studio album, Denim Devils. Recorded in bassist Martin Ekelund’s studio Lemon Recordings, Denim Devils has a broader spectrum of sounds than past albums, giving it a much punchier vibe.

Opening with Round and Round, you hear the Chuck Berry style rock ‘n’ roll that sounds familiar, even though the song is out there on it’s own. It opens the album well, and you begin to understand why their 2013 release ‘Bombo’ got such praise. Second up is the previously released single Hold The Fort, who’s pounding beat and Zeppelin-esque vibe drags you further in to the grasp of an album that doesn’t seem to let up – there’s always something new you can hear on each track.

Rock N’ Roll Lifestyle and One Kiss bring in gorgeous hooks and choruses that will be stuck in your head for days, as well as that familiar rough and ready style Bonafide fans are used to. The desired live feel is captured on ‘Denim Devils’, of that there is little doubt, and with it a little more of the fun that the band exudes gig after gig – check out ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Lifestyle’ for further, frolicking proof.

The album gets to a more serious note for a while with tracks such as Missing You, which has a Whitesnake-esque power ballad feel, and Who Am I To Judge, a venture in to Southern styles, but the hooks and the cool that the band exudes is back with The Game.

There isn’t one track on this album I would class as filler, each track gives a feeling akin to hearing your favourite sounds, but they’re reworked and the vocals and writing of Pontus Snibb bring something completely new and unique to the table when mixed with the guitar sounds, bass lines and pounding drums of the rest of the band.

Bonafide have recorded a winner in Denim Devils, and given the fact that they’re embarking on a small European tour soon, some of these tracks will surely become live staples. Denim Devils may well be Bonafide’s best record to date, so if you’re looking for a catchy, powerful hard rock record from a band at the top of their game currently, look no further.

Written by: Vikki Holding.


Ratings: Vikki 8/10




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