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Decimatus – Catalyst for Rage Review


Released By: Self Released

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Groove/Thrash Metal

Links: FaceBook , BandCamp


Line Up:

Andrew : Bass

Booga : Guitars

Tommy : Vocals

Josh Rech : Drums

Pauly Brammer : Guitars



01. Catalyst For Rage

02. One Foot In The Grave

03. Erosion

04. Burning Bridges

05. Ill Fated

06. Ashes To The Urn

07. Usurper

08. Fate Without Faith

09. Half Measures

10. Death Sentence (With A Plan)


PANTERA, LAMB OF GOD and early MACHINE HEAD fans listen up!! The debut album from up and coming Aussie metallers DECIMATUS may well just be the best thing you hear this year.

That may be a bold statement, but it is one I am more than willing to stand by. See, since the demise of PANTERA, there have been many, many new bands attempting to break into the Groove Metal scene, but apart from a small handful of them, and maybe a dozen or so really excellent albums, this style of metal has really struggled for relevance. But like almost every other of the multitude of metal sub-genres, every now and again an album comes along that stands clearly above anything else at the time and redefines what can be done in said style of metal.

CATALYST FOR RAGE is definitely an album that does just this. At its core, this is an album filled with as much Groove as must be humanly possible, but not contempt to just create music that sits nicely in a certain style, DECIMATUS do something a little different here. The most noticeable differential is the extra heaviness than what is usually found on your typical Groove Metal release. The vocals for one seem a little more aggressive and harsh than usual, and the deep grooves are also layered with a very thick guitar sound, whilst still managing to pierce through without sounding too muddy. You also get an abundance of pure Thrash Metal riffery and even a hint or two of what may best be described as Melodic Death Metal.

The lyrical content is suitably dark and angry and the artwork throughout the fold-out digipak and lyrics book is a real treat. With that being the icing on a slab of metal that is already quite spectacular, DECIMATUS have come up with something rare in any style of metal these days – A complete package. The fact that CATALYST FOR RAGE is a debut album gives me plenty of confidence that these lads have a big and bright future. I expect to see them in the support slot for some big international bands here in Australia in the near future and who knows what after that. Very impressive!

Written by: ZeeZee Dawson


Ratings:  ZeeZee 9/10




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