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Napalm Death / Voivod live at Gramercy Theatre, NYC on – March 2nd, 2015

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Despite the hectic weather conditions and being a working Monday, fans of the brutal and Legendary Napalm Death gathered at a packed Gramercy Theater. Also in the line up the master musicians in Voivod and the young and raw energy of Iron Reagan.

Iron Reagan  hailing from Richmond, have quickly gained a status in the hardcore scene since their formation in 2012. They feature members of Municipal waste and Darkest Hour, and have two albums under their belt. They delivered a full onward onslaught of crossover and hardcore punk music that drove the fans insane. Moshing and brutality was felt throughout the entire venue, as they encouraged all the fans to form a enormous circle pit, with was nothing short of extreme. They played some of their best material from all their releases such as “Cycles of Violence”, “Zero Gain” and  a cover of “Skull Full of Maggots” from Cannibal Corpse.

Iron Reagan

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Up next were the legendary musicians known as Voivod. They have been breaking necks since the old school days, ’82 to be exact. Their music features an amalgam of thrash metal, and progressive metal with a psychedelic twist created by heavy distortion.  With 13 legendary albums to call their own, they have dazzled metal heads through out the evolution of heavy metal music, and yet still have remained relevant. They have a rabid and faithful base that only grows, with older metal heads and younger ones.  They played a mix from their major releases that featured songs like “Mechanical Mind”, “Tribal Convictions”, “We are Connected” and a cover of the legendary Pink Floyd with “Astronomy Nomine”, as moshing and singing throughout the venue was seen.


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And finally it was time for another legendary band from the ’80s , this time the headliners, Napalm Death. You’ve probably heard of them at any given point throughout your experience with heavy metal music, specially the most extreme forms. They are the most notable band in the punk, grindcore scene; renown for their short yet brutal and ear piercing songs, full of political and anarchist messages, which have earned them a loyal fan base through the decades. Not only did their set feature 21 songs but among the most notable were “Scum”, “M.A.D”, “You Suffer” but also cover of “Nazi Punks Fuck off” as played by Dead Kennedy’s, which was a highlight. Neck crushing mosh pits were present thought-out their entire set, in which you’d find older and younger metal heads, united by the angry message of the music. Nonetheless, this tour package was one of the heaviest that NYC has seen in ages, young and old merged to share the love for extreme music and brilliant musicianship.

Napalm Death

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