Interview with Furyon Vocalist, Matt Mitchell


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Interviewed by MD (Journalist/Writer/Contributor) Myglobalmind Webzine

Answers by Matt Mitchell (Furyon Vocalist)


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MD: “Readers may not realise that Furyon came out of the more AOR leanings of the band Pride who produced 2 wonderful cd’s (Still Raining still gets a regular play!!) Was it purely the way your writing took a heavier turn that it was felt a name change was necessary?”

Matt: “Thinking back to that time it was more of an end or more of a pause on Pride. Furyon was it’s own and was born as a totally different thing. It’s just that it had members from the old band. And even the original Pride drummer at the very opening stages of Furyon when it was unheard. We knew that we wanted to move forward with a new project. Don’t get me wrong I love the Pride songs for what they are and at an acoustic show of my own one might hear reminiscences of those sounds.”

MD: “Congratulations on the release of Lost Salvation it’s been a long time coming ! I saw you support Winger in support of Gravitas and you looked destined for the next level what has happened in the life of the band in those 5 years?”

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Matt: “Thank you. What happened? Ha-ha. Well, Truth or dare here. Truth wins! We had some great things in the pipeline for us, yeah. We had a very small but hardworking manager who helped so much but couldn’t really hold on and was never really Intending to take it that far. It was more of a favour to help kick us along. We needed someone with big guns or full proof knowledge to take us under their wing. Same with a tour agent and so on and so forth. These things pretty come hand in hand. As the pressure was on. I feel people buckled a little. And rightly so as anyone who has been in this kinda what felt like (life and death) situation would understand. At the time, our guitarist Chris Green and co-writer with myself met his now wife. He decided to move away to America and although everyone in the band was happy for our friend, more problems occurred resulting in us losing the guitarist as a member of Furyon. At this crucial point we tried to carry on and we did on. In fact for a while it actually felt strong and had even more guts than ever. Unfortunately this wasn’t to last and due to personal and band issues we lost another guitar player. Furyon was guitarless, and for a rock metal band who had made their name on that, this was pretty shit. From that point on due to Spain tour being booked and 4 weeks away Chris called to say he would offer his services and would love to play. We did it! It rocked! We talked about writing as we always have and we wrote the 2nd album. Although, as a band member he isn’t really that. More like a silent one. And here we are…”

MD: “Your long time partner Chris Green appears on the new CD. How much did he contribute and will your partnership continue?”

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Matt: “Chris and I wrote the songs and he played guitars yes. There was an additional writer Sam Ruppert on 3 of the thanks too. No doubt we’ll write some more in the future.”

MD: “Lost Salvation kicks some serious ass is it material written over along period of time or is it newly written?”

Matt: “It was all written with a period of about 6 to 9 months.”

MD: “Plenty left over for album number 3?”

Matt: “Ha-ha… Album 3 will be exciting for sure. Still thinking about this 2nd for now.”

MD: “How long did the new CD take to record?”

Matt: “Around a month to track, mix and master. Which is pretty good I’d say.”

MD: “You worked with Rick Beato again on Lost Salvation how is he to work with?”

furyon FB 2Matt: “Rick is a straight shooting guy. He’s a great producer and we are pleased we had the chance to so this one with him again.”

MD: “Can you tell us about the songs on Lost Salvation?”

Matt: “They are all heartfelt and related to real stories and events. It’s a little dark in places.”

MD: “Any favourites?”

Matt: “Hard to tell at the moment. These four walls is working well.”

MD: “You hit the road in the UK shortly what can we expect to hear?How many off Lost Salvation?”

Matt: “Half the set will be new songs and we are looking forward to playing those.”

MD: “Is hitting the road the main priority for 2015?”

Matt: “Pretty much yes! We wanna get the music out live to fans.”

MD: “Any last word for the fans?”

Matt: “Come to a show near you! And come say hi. Thanks for all your support.”



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20 March 2015 – Harlow, The Square, UK

22 March 2015 – Brighton, Concorde 2, UK

24 March 2015 – Glasgow, The Audio, UK

29 March 2015 – London, The Barfly, UK

30 March 2015 – Bannerman’s Live, UK

04 April 2015 – Manchester, Rebellion, UK

23 May 2015 – Secrets of Metal, BE

19 July 2015 – SOS Festival, UK


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