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Archer – Culling the Weak Review



Released: Out Now!!!

Released By: Self Release

Genre: Hard Rock/Metal

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Dylan Rose – Vocals & Guitar

David De Silva – Bass

Keyhan Moini – Drums


Sometimes a band comes around that just offers an interpretation of a sound that is tried and true and make it all their own. Catching Archer on stage opening for German metal legend Doro, I got the chance to watch these three young guys decimate the gathered crowd at The Masquerade in Atlanta, Ga. I knew from the moment they started playing that I would be picking up any album they may have had to sell. I don’t get that instantly inspired that often.

Culling the Weak, the band’s debut, is as strong a debut as I have heard in a long time. A full throttled, heavy metal Grand Funk type power trio, melding brilliant guitars, soulful vocals, propulsive metal songs, Archer are a force to be reckoned with. The backbone of the music tends to be a heavy funky groove, but with strong metal overtones, fluctuated with scintillating guitar riffs and solos that put me in mind of Randy Rhoads meets Dave Mustaine. With tracks like “Hurling the Cross,” “Culling the Weak,” and “Belief” hitting home the groove then more metal songs like “Day That Never Comes” and “Dawn of Dilution” you certainly hear the Megadeth influence.

I’m very impressed with this band and album. Producer Mike Clink did a superb job bringing out the best of this trio. Archer is a band that will be on my watch list for a while. Culling the Weak may only be the beginning, but the future holds so much potential for these guys. I hope to see them doing their thing a long time.

Written by: Chris Martin


Ratings: Chris 8/10

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