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Direblaze – Direblaze Review


Released By: Self Released

Release Date: Available now

Genre: Thrash Metal, Death Metal

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Jimmy Rose – Vocals/Guitars

Nick Tovalov – Guitars

Dave Poulter – Bass

Noriyuhi Imai – Drums



1.0 Abyss

2.0 Nights of the Blackest Darkness

3.0 Hellish Intensity

4.0 Died Twice

5.0 Blighted Torture

6.0 The Sense in Violence

7.0 Underground

8.0 Burning of Time

9.0 Eternal Terror

10.0 Bane and Reverence


The constantly evolving Heavy Metal scene in Melbourne, Australia just seems to keep on giving, and it seems like it’s every other week these days where another band will crop up and release something worthy of the world stage. Although the seeds for DIREBLAZE were sown back in 2009 where they began life as a SLAYER tribute band, before quickly realizing they had the ability and will to create original music, and though they have been a pretty regular feature in the local live scene for a few years now, 2015 sees the release of their debut self-titled album.

Now let me get the negative out of the way first… The production on this album is not very good at all. I understand that it’s a self-funded and self-released album, but there are a lot of those out there these days with much better production values. A lot of the time the drums have a hollow and tinny sound, the vocals are dropped way too far into the background and the overall sound is pretty muddy.

Now this is a real shame, because there is some really, really kick-ass music to be found here if you can look past the production issues. The band plays a combination of a traditional 80’s Thrash Metal sound, and the early 90’s Death Metal vibe. Similarities to SLAYER are very abundant, but other bands that come to mind while listening to this album are EXODUS, early SEPULTURA, early MEGADETH, TESTAMENT and SODOM. If you like any of those, you’ll find something to bang your head to while listening to DIREBLAZE for sure.

Vocalist Jimmy Rose sings in that perfect range for aggressive, heavy music. Deep, rumbling growls while still managing to keep the words understandable and sounds like a mix of Tom Araya and Max Cavalera, two of the best in the business. The guitar work is in your face and memorable, with an abundance of classic metal sounding lead breaks. Closing track, the instrumental BANE AND REVERENCE is where the band get to really show their individual talents, which each instrument given time to shine through above the rest and not a second of the seven minute running time is wasted.

I’m still going to recommend this album, especially to fans of the time when bands like SEPULTURA and SLAYER were pumping out classic Thrash/Death albums, but just be aware going in that the overall audio quality leaves a lot to be desired. What these guys are doing musically is great and they are surely destined for big things in the future, hopefully one day we will get a remastered version of this debut.

Written by: ZeeZee Dawson



Ratings: ZeeZee 7/10



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