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Tempest Rising – Transmutation Review


Released By: Self Released,

Release Date: Available now

Genre: Modern Metal

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Vin Trikeriotis – Vocals

James Ward-Armstrong – Guitars

Bill Mann – Drums

Jarrad Cracknell – Bass

Daniel James – Guitars



1.0 Intro

2.0 No Remorse

3.o Dominion that Falls

4.0 My Ecstasy

5.0 The Descent

6.0 Devil in Me

7.0 War

8.0 On Borrowed Time

9.0 Wretch


Before you delve any further into this review, let me say right off the bat that this album isn’t for everyone. Regular readers of MGM will note that the site generally steers away from anything that can be classified in some way as ‘core’, especially when another word is combined with it to create the contentious title of “metalcore”. But due to my overwhelming desire to keep you guys up to date with all of the great things the Australian rock & metal scene is doing these days I am more than happy to go a little out of the boundaries when I feel that something is worthy of a mention.

Well, TRANSMUTATION, the debut full-length from Perth boys TEMPEST RISING may have its roots steeped in what you could call a Metalcore feel, but the album also offers up enough to be a worthy look for those that wouldn’t normally stray too close to this style of music. While quite modern, the album has a very nineties Groove Metal vibe to it also. The usual clean vocal/growled vocal approach is in play here, but the clean vocals don’t have that wimpy, emo feeling to them like a traditional metalcore album. There is also plenty of melodic riffing here that at times shows a slight nod to a more traditional heavy metal/NWOBHM sound. Imagine if PANTERA got together with KILLSWITCH ENGAGE and decided to attempt a metal album that incorporated both of their original styles and also fit in with the current trends of the scene and you have a slight idea on what you may find here. The big, wall of sound production helps here a lot too, with the guitars sounding brutally crushing at all times. Also unlike a lot of modern day metal where the bass guitar is down-tuned and grungy, on this album the bass is deep when it needs to be, but also has a nice and punchy feel that comes to foreground on plenty of occasions.

Certainly an acquired taste, but TEMPEST RISING are onto something here. Personally I feel that moving forward they could almost shake a little more of the metalcore-ish elements off and still have a very modern sound that would also allow them to be exposed to people that may not have given them a chance otherwise. Decide for yourself, but this is one of those occasions that skipping something purely due to genre tags may not be such a good idea.

Written by: ZeeZee Dawson



Ratings: ZeeZee 8/10



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