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HARD ROCK HELL UNITED – Saturday 14th March, 2015

E.S 4


Review by Lindsey Appleton

Photos by Lindsey Appleton – LA Photography



Final day of this epic weekend and we start by making our way over the bridge to the hammerfest stage where we got to see the might Oaf & friends.

Well what can i say about this band, apart from f**king mental Ba**dards meant in a good way of course, put it this way if you cant take a joke i wouldn’t bother going to see this band, one way to shake off a hangover and thats having a good laugh first thing in the morning. This is what this band brings to Hard Rock Hell United. Im one that believes if you cant be blunt and straight to the point then theres no point in saying anything at all, and trust me when i say Dom is completely blunt with a straight up attitude, big respect to this guy.

Oaf & friends

Dom Lawson completely owns the stage with his mighty presence along with James Rayment on drums, these 2 completely own the stage, and rightly so.

They are joined on stage by Matt Burton from Evil Scarecrow for Oafs classic song ‘fuck off seagull’ which between the 3 revved the crowds up ready for the rest of the day.

Next on our list of bands to check out is White Widdow so we take ourselves back over the bridge to the AOR Stage.

Jules Millis as frontman for this band is completely different from his other band Tigertailz. White Widdow have a smooth hard rock edge feel to them compared to Tigertailz sleaze edged style.

Hailing all the way from Melbourne Australia these guys give it all they have got and really know how to work the crowds.

White Widdow_2 White Widdow_1

With favourites such as ‘Frontline’ and ‘Do You Remember’, its clear to see why these guys have such a great following.

We hang around for the next band to hit the AOR Stage is Craxy Lixx from Sweden.

These guys have a heavy rock style to them with a dash of glam metal thrown in,  a mix of Motley Crue meets Def Leppard.

With crunching melodies and harmonizing riffs these guys are very aural pleasing to watch.

Crazy Lixx_2 Crazy Lixx_1

Following these guys up next are Houston from Sweden, who are a real treat to watch, totally converted me into a huge fan in 2 days!. With soft melodic yet catchy lyrics these guys remind me of a young Bon Jovi meets Journey & Foreigner.

They sing fantastic tunes such as ‘Standing on the Moon’ and ‘Carrie’ gets everyone in the crowd swaying and singing along.

Frontman hank has crisp clear vocals, a strong stage presence which makes you feel weak at the knees instantly. Knowing how to woo all the women in the audience with his very delectable persona.

Houston_2 Houston_1


We head over to the stage opposite to catch the last few songs from The Heretic Order who hail from London.

Now someone said to me how would i describe these guys, they are very different from what I’ve seen so far this weekend, they are very mysterious, with a evil doom feel to them they bring a reign of fury to the stage with their demonic vibe.

Last up are Evil Scarecrow, the 1 band I’ve been waiting for all weekend. Safe to say I’m a massive fan of these guys, not just talented but you a guaranteed a laugh when watching them.

With a fantastic stage presence enough to make you laugh your socks off quite literally.

With giant mechanical robots and crabs to little aliens this band have pulled out all the stops for this weekend.

Getting the crowds in perfect synchronicity to do the robototron dance was definitely a highlight for me.

E.S 6

If you haven’t seen these guys before then your really missing out.

This weekend has been a total blast for me with such an epic feel, people all being very welcoming over the weekend, the Hard Rock Hell crew have done such an amazing job of this almighty festival, its one i will definitely be coming back for.



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