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Danko Jones – Fire Music Review


Released: February 10, 2015

Released By: Bad Taste Records / MRI

Genre: Hard Rock




Danko Jones – Vocals / Guitar

John Calabrese – Bass

Rich Knox – Drums



1 Wild Woman

2 The Twisting Knife

3 Gonna Be a Fight

4 Body Bags

5 Live Forever

6 Do You Wanna Rock

7 Getting Into Drugs

8 Watch You Slide

9 I Will Break Your Heart

10 Piranha

11 She Ain’t Coming Home


Known for their angry, punk-influenced brand of hard rock, Toronto’s Danko Jones is back with another set of tunes. While much of the song remains the same; 11 tracks of raging bad-assery that walks the line between cheesy and fun, the album largely falls into the latter category.

Danko Jones’ vocals, in true punk fashion are dripping with attitude, and while some songs walk the line of cheesy territory, the majority of the record makes for a fun listen. Fire Music opens strong with “Wild Woman” and “The Twisting Knife” and hardly lets up until it closes with “She Ain’t Coming Home”.

Fans should know what to expect from Fire Music as the record is pretty in tune with Danko Jones’ previous albums. It has hooky melodies, adrenaline-fueled riffs and a pounding rhythm section. While nothing here can really be categorized as filler, there are a few tracks that don’t stand out, or are as memorable, but nothing quite makes your finger reach for the skip button. Some of the main highlights include the opening two tracks, the cheesy song about venturing to the dark side, “Getting Into Drugs,” which tells the story of where your first joint might take you, and the heavy “Body Bags”.

The lyrics aren’t too deep, but they aren’t really meant to be. Subjects usually tie in to the sex, drugs and rock n’ roll moniker, which makes this a fun slab of groove-heavy old school hard rock. If this sounds appealing, then you are likely to find this enjoyable, however I would sooner recommend 2010’s Below the Belt.

Written by: Connor Rae


Ratings: Connor 7/10

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