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RavenEye live at Voodoo Lounge, Dublin on 26th April, 2015



Live Gig Review: Brian Boyle (Journalist / Writer / Contributor)
Pictures by Brendan Esler


It’s not often that a support bands appearance gets nearly as much anticipation as the headline act. That was more than the case with RavenEye. The Milton Keynes trio were backing Swedish retro rockers Blues Pills, and have recently been causing a major stir with the recent release of their five track EP, Breaking Out.

With this being Sunday, the holiest day of the week, a performance of biblical proportions was sublimely delivered. A full bodied Get It Started kicked the night off with a robust groove and goes down a storm. As expected the majority of the set featured the EP, and it’s in the live domain where these tracks truly come to life. And this being their debut Dublin show, RavenEye, led by the ridiculously talented guitarist/singer Oli Brown, made sure they immediately laid down a statement of intent.

The energy and gusto in all three members was a constant throughout the 45 minute set. Drummer, Kev Hickman, and bassist, Aaron Spiers, served a delicious rhythm on Run Away and Hey Hey Yeah. But there can be absolutely no doubting that the star of the show is Brown. Vocally and musically, his powers are exquisite. Songs such as You Got It, and the powerhouse leadoff single, Breaking Out, were performed by a man thoroughly in love with what he’s doing. And his showmanship skills aren’t bad either. An impromptu walk through the crowd and then jumping off Hickmans’ bass drum, only added to the spectacle.

But the real highlight of the night didn’t take place on stage, glancing over now and again I noticed a young man at the front, who probably hadn’t yet discovered the wonders of a disposable razor, looking totally transfixed at what he was seeing. And in 1968 in the Great Hall in the University of Surrey, some other young man was probably having the experience when witnessing a pubescent Led Zeppelin. The world needs a new breed of rock gods, and with the term Legends In The Making been bandied about way too loosely in the past, it’s fitting is perfect with RavenEye.


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Set list

1.Get It Started

2.Come With Me

3.Run Away

4.Hey Hey Yeah

5.Home Sweet Home

6.Breaking Out

7.You Got It

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