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Release date: Out Now

Released by: FnA Records

Genre: Glam Rock



Jules Millis – lead vocals

Jay Pepper – Lead guitar

Rob Wylde – Bass

Matt Blakout – Drums


Track Listing:

01. Welsh National Anthem

02. Long Live the New Flesh (Ethnic Mix)

03. Those Who Have and Those Who Have Not

04. Daggers

05. Mean It

06. Is That Your Idea Of Fun?

07. Funny Little Mind

08. She Aint the Girl

09. Holding the Baby

10. In For the Kill

11. Hold Your Horses

12. Twisted

13. Get Real

14. Falling Down

15. Spit It Out

16. Everything’s Broken

17. FnA Master (bonus track)

18. Fall in Love Again


Starting off with Jay Pepper’s version of the Welsh National Anthem, it finally hits us that the Welsh Glam Rockers are back and doing it for their country. ‘Lost Reelz’ is an album filled with the delights of a collection of songs that have never before been available to the public. Covering years of material including demos and mixes this is a true album of rarities that any Tigertailz fan will certainly enjoy.

Throughout this album, the style is constantly changing, this then becomes apparent that over the years Tigertailz have adapted and altered their sound and style to keep their music current and different from the previous releases. Having heard Tigertailz previous work, ‘Lost Reelz’ is certainly on another wavelength when compared. If you weren’t already a ‘Tailz’ fan then I believe this album wouldn’t be the one to convert you.

Filling in the long lost gaps of ‘Tigertailz’ career, this new release featuring the only original member, guitarist Mr Pepper himself is the sound of demos and ideas progressing into albums, unquestionably one for the hard-core fans.

I wouldn’t say that this is the greatest album I have heard in regards to both Tigertailz previous releases and other bands of similar genres but I do respect the fact that this can be looked upon as almost tribute like to the band members involved over the years. Like a time capsule of their work, it really is something special in terms of collector’s pieces. If you are one of those that has a designated section on your Album playlist for Tigertailz then I guess it wouldn’t hurt to throw this in there amongst the others as an educational listen. With ‘Lost Reelz’ you can hear the very transition of once an option into a must have choice of songs that have accumulated over the years. I guess Tigertailz just didn’t want to waste any time, effort or material that is of use and this proves to work for these guys this time around.

Written by: Alex Alicia Firth



Ratings: Alex Alicia 5/10

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