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Romeo’s Daughter – Spin Review


Released: 20th April

Released By: Riff City Records

Genre: Hard Rock


Line Up:

Leigh Matty – Lead Vocals

Craig Joiner – Guitars and Background Vocals

Jeff Knowler – Keyboards

Ed Poole – Bass

Andy Wells – Drums and Background Vocals



  1. Touch
  2. Already Gone
  3. Love Will Come To Those That Wait
  4. Enemy
  5. Didn’t See You Coming
  6. Radio
  7. Tonight
  8. All Because Of You
  9. Perfect Plan
  10. Tall Buildings


I was surprised to hear that Romeo’s Daughter have been around for 27 years…and even more surprised to learn that this is only their fourth studio album. Since there were 19 years between their second and third albums, we should be thankful that there were just the three between that one and this.

There’s a strangely familiar feel to this album. Leigh Matty’s vocals are pretty darn good and you get the impression that you’ve heard her on the radio somewhere before. A lot of the songs definitely have that ‘radio-friendly’ feel to them.

Touch is a great way to lure you into the album, with opening lyrics that give you a glimpse into the album (and the band for that matter). Already Gone, however, is one of those songs that you’ll be convinced you’ve heard before, but can’t put your finger on where. I get the feeling that it’s a song that would be incredible live…definitely the potential for a lot of crowd participation, and it’s pretty catchy too.

The rest of the album continues on in much the same vein. All Because Of You is probably the closest we get to a sentimental song (and even then, that’s probably the wrong word). Usually, I’m useless at pulling out the hidden meanings in songs that others can do effortlessly, but I think this is telling the story of a woman torn in her mind over her feelings for a guy. Then again, it could be about hot dogs. Either way, it’s a great song.

This is a pretty solid album, and it’s safe to say that Romeo’s Daughter have a new fan now. It’s also easy to see how Leigh was voted in as the fifth greatest Lady Rock Singer of all time in Classic Rock Magazine. Those guys clearly have taste.

Written by Gareth Franklin


Rating: Gareth – 7/10

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