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Toto Live at Vicar Street, Dublin on 23rd May 2015



Live review: Edel Fitzgerald (Journalist/Writer/Contributor) Myglobalmind Webzine

Photo Credit: Jimmy Little Junior


On the day that Ireland made history, voting a big, fat yes for marriage equality, Dublin city was party central. Toto took to the stage at Vicar Street, probably oblivious to the celebrations going on around them, thinking, it’s probably always like this on a Saturday night!

Playing to a full house that sold out in minutes when tickets went on sale back in November, they launched into their raucous set with “Running Out of Time” from the new album, XIV, and it was non stop from there.





The stage was jam packed with utter talent, Steve Lukather led his guitar into a wild dance while David Paich, donning his circus ring master top hat, commanded the piano keys telling of his love for Ireland, so much so that he married an Irish girl 30 years ago. Giving a nod of love an affection to her, he then went on to introduce the band…unfortunately forgetting the legendary percussionist extraordinaire, Lenny Castro! Lukather joking that he’d pay for that omission later. The roof was raised for David Hungate, who returned to bass duties following the passing of Jeff Paracro last March. Joseph Williams, who’s unmistakable classic rock vocals led the crowd through the classics, “Won’t Hold You Back”, “Hold The Line” while carefully adding some of the new songs, which the fans seemed more than familiar with.

Ending on a third encore with Africa, the fist-clenching, anthem-roaring crowd, tucked their air guitars away until the next time the 80’s Classic Rock portal opened and released another batch of legends.



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  1. Few corrections – David Hungate did not replace Jeff Porcaro, it was his brother Mike who passed away in March. And Joseph Williams’ ‘unmistakeable rock vocals’ did not lead the crowd through ‘Won’t hold you back’ as that song is sung by Steve Lukather,


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