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Deep Purple – Long Beach 1971 Review



Release Date: 26th May 2015

Record Label: earMUSIC

Genre: Rock

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Line Up:

Richie Blackmore

Ian Gillan

Roger Glover

Jon Lord

Ian Paice


Track Listing:

01. Speed King

02. Strange Kind of Woman

03. Child in Time

04. Mandrake Root


Deep Purple, a band who defined a new genre of Rock and an even bigger definition of what it takes to play live Rock n Roll are back with a 70 minute album ‘Long Beach 1971’. With 4 of their classic hits remastered in this magical live recording Deep Purple fans can get ready to be transported back in Time to the Long Beach, California Concert in 71.

Opening up with ‘Speed King’ a fast and furious monster track, we get an 11 minute experience that will blow your mind. Ian Gillan on top form draws the listener in with his vocal screaming ability expressing a true front man’s capabilities, it’s like the mother ship of Steven Tyler and Glenn Hughes.

Long Beach proves to be a good start but it wouldn’t be a live album without a little bit of writing history and song inspiration explained. Ian makes sure he keeps fans engaged and I’m glad this is kept within this album, it wouldn’t be the same if you take away the band and fan interaction. Next we delve into Track 2, live version of ‘Strange Kind of Woman’ consisting of another 11 minutes.

With this we hear a perfect combination of riff and rhythm, a credit to the men behind their instruments with a very obvious talent for playing live music and Blackmore allowing his guitar to do all the talking. Throughout this track we hear a side to Deep Purple that focuses on a more bluesy soul feel mixed with a funky style of rhythm.

Onto the classic track that no Deep Purple live album could be complete without is ‘Child in Time’ whole with a full 20 minutes of masterclass guitar from Richie Blackmore. Opening this song we hear Jon Lord work his magic on the organ playing that very recognisable and always soothing introduction. For me what really intrigued me with this particular live track recording was the passion I could feel coming from the audience, a true necessity I feel is needed for a live album to be a success. You hear this audience enthusiasm kick in fully when Gillan lets his powerhouse vocal screams so effortlessly flow from the moment of the classic lyric ‘Wait for the Ricochet’. With the build from this gentle opening to the massive sounding Organs you know this band can milk a song for all its worth and rightly so, ‘Child in Time’ is a true blend of classic and musical genius.

Closing this album with the very long but always brilliant ‘Mandrake Root’ we are yet again being treated only this time to 27 minutes of their most progressive and simply groovy roots. It is truly brilliant so give it a listen and hear it for yourselves.

You feel this powerful deliverance start to finish with a true band effort and from stage through to audience this live recording proves to be a gift for any Deep Purple fan.

Written by: Alex Alicia Media


Rating: Alex Alicia Media 10/10


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