Interview with Pop Evil at Download Festival June 2015

For those of you who are not familiar Pop Evil are a Michigan 5-piece, whose last album ‘Onyx’ enjoyed three consecutive number one singles and made the billboard top...

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Interviewed by Mark Dean (Journalist/Writer/Contributor) Myglobalmind Webzine


For those of you who are not familiar Pop Evil are a Michigan 5-piece, whose last album ‘Onyx’ enjoyed three consecutive number one singles and made the billboard top 40 in the USA. They opened the Download Festival Main stage on Sunday 14 June. The band have debuted their new single titled “Footsteps” via, a huge hook-laden rock anthem and the first music heard from new album ‘Up’ due out August 21st via eOne Music. Check it out here: I had the opportunity to have a brief chat with the band shortly after they came off stage.

Mgm: “First band on the main stage at the ungodly hour of 11am. How was the experience?”

PopevilPop Evil: “Oh Man it was crazy you know, it was amazing. I can’t believe there were so many people that were awake and ready to go at 11am. It is amazing experience just to be here, the sunshine was out for us which were brilliant. I just can’t say enough good things man it was killer.”

Mgm: “Being from the States are you aware of the festivals iconic history?”

Pop Evil: “Yeah, I think yes-growing up in the States this was the one festival that we always dreamt of. Not even playing just coming to. We don’t really have anything that really compares to it. At least in my upbringing it is the most historical music festival that I have ever wanted to play in my life. So it is a huge honour.”

Mgm: “Have you had an opportunity to check out the festival or other bands this weekend?”

Pop Evil: “We got in last night, or yesterday I’m sorry. I came out here for Funeral for a Friend, stayed the whole day and watched all the bands. I just tent hopped and stage hopped .Really took it all in and all the rain, all the mud. Just experienced it all really.”

Mgm: “Any bands playing today that you are particularly looking forward to seeing?”

Pop Evil: “I watched the whole 36 Crazyfists set earlier. Tremonti are good friends of ours, I can’t think right off the top of my head. Three Days Grace, Godsmack and obviously I love Motley Crue. Ahh my goodness there are just so many bands, Cavelera Conspiracy are a great band. It is just countless man, the lineup is just unbelievable.”

Mgm: “What would be your favourite festival food and drink?”

Pop Evil: “I mean I am a cider drinker, or wine. If we go to a festival that has good wine, wine is definitely my first choice. If we are not drinking for any reason then coffee is definitely the drink of choice. Usually too much of that Food? I don’t know that’s tough man. I don’t know that there is any one food that I look forward to particularly .Just coffee and wine.”

Mgm:  “Outside playing music-how do you like to spend your leisure time?”

Pop Evil: “Spend time with my family, my fiancée and my puppy that is the biggest thing for me. I love Crossfit, (a strength and fitness programme). I am pretty active outdoors man, hiking, kayaking, fishing, and hunting. Anything to do with the outside really.”

Mgm: “What would be the highs and lows of being a professional musician?

Pop Evil: “I would say opening the main stage of Download, has got to be a high (laughs). Lows man? There has been a few, for me being away from loved ones is pretty much the hardest. We have done everything from living out of a van to now being on a tour bus and flying over to do this. For me the separation is the one thing unfortunately that no matter how big you get that is always kind of part of it.”

Mgm: “What life lessons has playing music taught you?

Popevil2Pop Evil: “Oh man… just how important positivity is. Everyone in the world whether they know it or not has an impact on others’ lives. I think as musicians we have a massive impact on a massive number of people. If you just keep a smile on your face and be optimistic about things and give a lot of people hope .I think happiness is a very underrated tool and how powerful it can be.”

Mgm: “The band certainly seems to be on the up in terms of their profile… ”

Pop Evil: “I think so, we are very young and very new, and we are a baby band. I would hope to think that we have nowhere to go but up. We are going to keep with that and keep working hard to earn that.”

Mgm: “Just a couple of questions to finish on. If the boot was on the other foot, and you were to interview someone who would it be?”

Pop Evil: “Oh wow man… yeah that’s tough.”

Popevil3Mgm:  “That question generally has tripped people up when I ask it.”

Pop Evil: “This is probably weird, but with no rules my dad when he was twenty five. I would love to interview my dad before I was around to know what that would have been like.”

Mgm: “Final question, what is next for Pop Evil?”

Pop Evil: “Touring man, endless touring. The new record is out August 21st, and we will be out in support of that-probably for the next two years non-stop.”

Mgm: “UK dates?

Pop Evil: “I hope we do come back, I’m sure that we are doing this to break the ice and raise awareness. When the record comes out we cannot wait we will definitely come back and we love it here .The UK is amazing and I am so excited to even have the chance to be here.”

Mgm: “Thanks for chatting to us.”

Pop Evil: “Thank you.”


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