Interview with Backyard Babies – Nicke Borg at Download Festival June 2015



Interviewed by Mark Dean (Journalist/Writer/Contributor) Myglobalmind Webzine

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In 2008, Backyard Babies entered the studio to record their self-titled and seemingly last album. After 20 years together, touring non-stop and earning their reputation as a true force of nature, they decided it was time for a break.There was no talk of how long this break might last, but it was signaled by the photo-book box-set, ‘Them XX’, released in 2009, plus a 20 year anniversary tour that turned out to be their most successful ever. Now, in 2015, more pumped up than ever, Backyard Babies are together once more, with the new single, ‘Th1rt3en or Nothing’, set to be released on May 27th? “Rock,” says Dregen succinctly, “is not dead.” The band has always put creative energy into producing special products – lovingly-packaged vinyl, DVDs, books, etc… and the new album will keep that tradition alive, showing all of the attention-to-detail that fans have come to expect… “We really feel that our time out will end up being a win-win situation for both the band and our fans.” continues Nicke Borg. Myglobalmind caught up with Nicke Borg – lead vocals / guitar  at the recent Download Festival in the UK.


suburbs-2Mgm: “Have you had an opportunity to check out the festival?”

Nicke: “No nothing,it really sucks. We were in Switzerland two days ago, left when Slipknot started playing and didn’t really see anything. The same thing all summer. That is the downside of trying to play as many festivals as we do.”

Mgm: “Obviously doing a festival set is much shorter than your regular show. Is it difficult to condense your career into a festival set-list? Also you want to attract new fans who are maybe not too familiar with the band.”

Nicke: “On one hand it is easy to do a festival set, because you just want to play your best songs. The most known songs maybe. There is no time to do… a blues jam. On the other hand as you said, you want to play the new single-as people may not have heard that yet. It was a bit of a struggle. I think we only did thirty minutes today. That’s too short anyway for anything. Actually I think that we played at Sweden Rock Festival last weekend with ninety minutes and that is nearly too long for a festival. I think like an hour is good.”

suburbs-1Mgm: “The band have had a break for a while, what prompted that decision?”

Nicke: “We have been going on, basically doing the same thing since 89. We were tired of everything, of each other, of the music business. Also of not being able to create something that was heartfelt for us. I decided that we take a break, and it turned out to be a good decision. After five years we are back again and a new energy, great songs. A great new album and everybody is happy to be on stage again. I think that the audience is also happy to see us again. It is like “Welcome back”.”

Mgm: “Do you have any spare time interests or hobbies which you have developed during that time off?”

Nicke: “Horse riding, I do show jumping.”

roofMgm: “What? You are kidding me?”

Nicke: “Seriously, really.(laughs) You can Google it I started to ride two years ago, and then started to be obsessed about it. Its something completely different, and there is a meditative and focused thing about horses which is awesome.”

Mgm: “What have been the particular highs and lows that you have experienced being a professional musician?”

Nicke: “Yeah I started,playing music as many kids do. To not just play the music but for the party, the girls, the traveling and everything. The parting took over everything for a little bit for a few years. I was struggling with a drug problem and with an alcohol problem actually for many years. In 2008 I decided to do something about that and I became clean. I am celebrating my seventh year in August. That is maybe a high and a low.”

parkMgm: “That must prove difficult in the line of work that you are involved in?”

Nicke: “Yeah its difficult,when it comes to the fact that you are back together with a bunch of other idiots and they are doing drugs and drinking. As I said I have got seven years and I am confident but it is a problem sometimes…”

Mgm: “Has playing music taught you any life lessons?”

Nicke: “I think that the most important lesson is that to never give up hope when people tell you that you cant do stuff. I think that a lot of bands that have made it big have experienced that kind of thing because there is a struggle. It is not just something that you can be educated to do. You have to set your mind to it.”

escalatorsMgm: “Just a couple of questions to finish up on. Who would you choose to personally interview?

Nicke: “I don’t know man, I really have no idea… Maybe I would want to know a bit more about what goes on in Axl’s head. (laughs) That is one and…”

Mgm: “What lies ahead for Backyard Babies?”

Nicke: “We are continuing to do festivals throughout the whole  summer. We have got a bunch left. The new album called “Four By Four” is released on 28th August on Sony Music. We are coming back to the UK I guess around November for club dates. Ever since we set foot here, now around many years ago the UK crowd has always been good.Also in Ireland both North and South.”

Mgm: “Hope to see you then,and thanks for taking the time to chat to us today.”


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