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Interview with Tommy Lee and Mick Mars (Motley Crue)

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Interview with Mötley Crüe – Francijn Suermondt

Photo Credit – Adrian Hextall (MyGlobalMind)



After countless years on the road and the forefront of rock scene, Motley Crue are finally calling it a day.  In London on June 9th, Mötley Crüe assembled at the famous Law Society with Alice Cooper to host a press conference confirming a European tour. MyGlobalMind is proud to present an interview with Tommy Lee and Mick Mars as they talk about bringing it all to a close at the Staples Center on December 31st 2015.


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About Francijn Suermondt

After nine years experience as the PR Executive for an international horticultural firm, looking after the PR for all brands within the company’s umbrella, I have now gone freelance with my own PR agency, looking after clients such as Suttons Seeds, Lubera and The Creative Marketer. An offshoot of my PR is now my Rock Band interview venture….brand new and off to a rockin good start!

Francijn’s backgrounds is colourful to say the least.

• Lived in LA for 2 years where I managed a fashion store and also wrote live rock gig reviews for The LA Weekly

• Lived in Amsterdam for 7 years, 3 years of which I worked at the stock exchange running the booth for Hyperion Traders of London

• 4 years as Office Manager and PA to Director at the head office for General Electric in Amsterdam – organising Sales Conferences for 200+ attendees in Italy, Portugal, France and Holland

• Played drums in Amsterdam for a female, thrash metal, Elvis cover band called Pelvis

• For the last 8 years PR Executive for Suttons Consumer Products, looking after their brands, Suttons Seeds and Dobies of Devon

• Have also now started to interview various rock bands including Motley Crue and Alice Cooper


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