Interview with Teenage Guitar Sensation Aaron Keylock at Download Festival June 2015




Interviewed by Mark Dean (Journalist/Writer/Contributor) Myglobalmind Webzine

Aaron Keylock image by Sally Newhouse


Every now and then an artist comes along that blows you away and Aaron has fast been cementing his reputation as one of the most exciting and brightest young talent’s in the UK. A mesmerizing live performer with over 200 shows to his name; he has already played with Blackberry Smoke, The Cadillac Three, The Graveltones as well as a blistering set at 2014s Bloodstock Festival.  Fast becoming a road warrior Aaron has expressed his excitement at playing at the festivals over this summer  saying; “Really looking forward to hitting the stage at  festivals this year. Gonna be a great show, we’ll be bringing some heavy 70’s rock n roll to all the shows with us! We’ve played in Manchester at the Ritz before with Blackberry Smoke, in Bristol at the Louisiana with the Graveltones and Nottingham Red Rooms on a headline show! They’ve all been brilliant shows and can’t wait to come back!” Aaron is currently writing for his debut release.

“From the moment we heard Aaron Keylock’s ‘Medicine Man’, we were captivated. He is an immense talent and a real must see future rock star in the making. We are very excited and look forward to a very successful long term career ahead” LIVE NATION (Dave Bradley)

“Virtuosos are 10-a-penny, but last year’s support slots with Blackberry Smoke announced a songwriter with ambitions beyond the 12 bar. Keylock could be a name to conjure with” Classic Rock Magazine, Sounds of 2015.

“If you’re looking for a real teen prodigy, Aaron Keylock is your man. Aaron is in this for the long haul and by all rights will be a major artist for many decades to come” The Blues Magazine

Upcoming tour dates:

Sun Jul 26 – Ramblin’ Man Fair, Maidstone w/Greg Allman, Seasick Steve

Aaron Keylock with The Answer, The Borderline, London, UK

Aaron Keylock with Dan Patlansky, The Borderline, London, UK

Myglobalmind were fortunate to catch up with the rising star himself at the recent Download Festival for a brief chat.


Mgm: “Good afternoon Aaron, how are you? Have you managed to catch the performances of any other acts at this years Download Festival? Who has impressed you so far?”

Aaron: “Bands that I have watched quite a few times before. Bands like Blackstone Cherry, and Slipknot they were really good. I have not seen them before.”

Mgm: “How does it feel to be playing your style of blues-based rock at a festival primarily known for its harder rock bands?”
Aaron: “Its good, I mean like I have played Bloodstock which was good. It was a strange thing, when you are a blues based band playing at a festival like that. We were on early as well. It was worrying but it went down well.”

Mgm: “Where did the blues interest and passion originate from? Was it something that was inherited from your parents, or maybe picked up from friends?”

Aaron: “Dad was more into the hard rock kind of thing. I am still into that a lot. That was what I grew up on and when I got to about nine,my guitar teacher taught me some blues and I guess that took over. It was just a natural thing really…”

Mgm: “You have had quite a meteoric career already, you have already done fantastically well.”

Aaron: “Well thank you.”

Mgm: “Quite a few worthy bands playing today,which of Kiss/Cue and Slash are you keen to see? Slash I suppose as a fellow guitarist?”

Aaron: “Yes, I’m really looking forward to that.”

Mgm: “Which interests you more,in developing your talent guitar playing or singing?”

Aaron: “Its strange you know, I started off as a guitar player. I am really into writing at the minute. I really enjoy the singing and presenting that.I just get up there,let loose and have fun.”

Mgm: “Is music all encompassing or do you have any interests or hobbies that don’t involve music?

Aaron: “Not particularly, I started in music really young so its been just that.”

Mgm: “Who would you like to interview? I know that you have toured with some of your musical heroes already.”

Aaron: “That is a difficult one. Ahh… I am going to say Ricky Medlocke from Blackfoot, and Skynyrd as well. He has been a huge influence.”

Mgm: “Did you manage to catch Lynyrd Skynyrd on their recent UK Tour?”

Aaron: “No I missed that, I was really gutted about that.”

Mgm: “Is music now a full time occupation for you?”

Aaron: “Yes I finished school, last summer and it kind of worked out right because I signed a management contract straight after I left and a record label just after Christmas. It has been very naturally developed into a professional thing. My friends kind of think that it is better than what it really is you know. They go “you must be on tour buses and playing to millions of people.” Its not like that at all. They dont see the bad side of things.”

Mgm: “How did you hook up with Mascot recordings?”

Aaron: “My management were in talks with them as we had done the Blackberry Smoke tour last year. I think a lot of people heard about me through that and the press that we got from that. I have had a chance to catch up with them earlier today when they came into the press area.”

Mgm: “What plans are next for you then?”

Aaron: “We have a few festivals in the UK including Ramblin Man in July with Gregg Allman. Then we are going to Europe. We have been over there a few times before.”

Mgm: “With Blackberry Smoke?”

Aaron: “No we only did the UK With them we have done a few festivals over there before. Then we are recording our debut album.”

Mgm: “Unfortunately due to a busy promo schedule we have only had a limited time today to chat with you. Thanks anyway and good luck with your album.”

Aaron: “Thanks very much.”

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