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Nick Oliveri, The Voodoo Lounge, Dublin, 13th July 2015




Live Gig Review by Jason Kennedy

© Olga Kuzmenko

Photos by Olga Kuzmenko


Just one man and his acoustic; tonight’s show is something a little different. Nick Oliveri’s “Death Acoustic” tour comes to Dublin just over twelve months after his last jam-packed appearance in the Thomas House. This time around, the Voodoo Lounge provides a more spacious venue, and news of his solo show has attracted a healthy crowd for a Monday evening.

With a career that has spanned 25 years, recording for acts including Kyuss, Queens Of The Stone Age, The Dwarves, Mondo Generator, Turbonegro and countless guest spots, it was interesting to see how he would handle this sprawling soundscape on his own in an hour and a half. The answer? Comfortably well. He takes to the stage with the confidence of an old hand and within three songs he has the crowd won over. His easy manner is a pleasure to watch and has no small part in it.

The set itself is a blend of old and new, solo and band material. From ‘Green Machine’ (Kyuss) to ‘Back to Dungaree High’ (Turbonegro), it felt at times more like a career retrospect than the emotion driven outpouring one associates with a one-man-and-his-acoustic type show. He is clearly proud of his past and this is to the audience’s benefit. Regular bouts of sing-along pepper the evening, lending an intimate feel to what is a pretty fun show.

What Nick might lack in vocal ability (by his own admission) is more than compensated for in his charisma and charm, and he has an easy rapport with the dedicated fans standing three feet below him. Some artists live a whole life never achieving anything remotely even close to this. Two of the show highlights include the QOTSA tracks ‘Another Love Song’ and a spirited rendition of ‘Feel Good Hit of the Summer’, during which he invites the crowd up onstage to accompany him. Many obliged. Sometimes it felt more like a brass-balled busker had booked a venue to play for his friends than a seasoned musician who has been around the world more than the sun. This was not a bad thing, and definitely worth the €15 asking price.



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