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Ironheart – Revolution Calls Review


Released by: Self Release

Release Date: 15th March 2015

Genre: Power Metal



Line up

Stevie K – Vocals

Shaun Nelson – Guitar

Tom Heaney – Bass

Andrew Munn – Drums



01. Revolution Calls

02. Heroes of the Lost World

03. Industrial Slaves

04. Dreamcatcher

05. Fight the Oppressor

06. Lawmakers Curse

07. Gods of War

08. Humanity’s Last Crime

09. I Stand Alone

10. Seize the Day (Carpe Diem)


It is rare that a metal band from Northern Ireland produces something with such aggression and heartfelt passion that is more than capable of competing against its European counterparts. The straight ahead metal bands have always seemed to have an inherent fear of being just that – Metal. Ironheart have risen from nowhere and delivered a killer punch with this debut release. Stevie K and Shaun Nelson have a wealth of experience behind them and this shows in the song writing and delivery. First out of the cage is the title track which if later period Helloween and the likes of Primal Fear are your thing then this will certainly appeal. The guitars are gritty with plenty of weight and shys away from the more clinical and sickly sweet tones of their European counterparts. “Gods of War” as the title suggests has a more epic feel to it with a long intro which builds into a charging riff with a rumbling double bass carrying it through with a great hook and chorus. The album is chock full of hooks, memorable guitar harmonies which will stick to you like glue. The vocals are perfect for this style of music – aggressive without relying on over the top high histrionics which unfortunately plagues this style at times and makes it unbearable. The playing on this album is outstanding, memorable riffs with guitar solos to leave you dribbling which are a mix of tasteful well placed notes splashed with high speed shredding. If I was going to criticise this at all it would be around the drum sound, I find it a bit too processed. Ironheart have released a killer first record and it will do very well for them given the correct backing.

Written by: David Mc Callum

Ratings: David 8/10

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