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Tad Morose – St Demonius Review

Tad Morose St Demonius

Released by: Despotz Records

Release Date: 28 August 2015

Genre: Metal

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Line up:

Christer “Krunt” Andersson – Guitars

Peter Morén – Drums

Tommi Karppanen – Bass

Ronny Hemlin – Vocals

Kenneth Jonsson – Guitars



01. Bow To The Reaper’s Blade

02. Forlorn

03. Where Ignorance Reigns

04. Remain

05. Black Fire Rising

06. Day Of Reckoning

07. The Shadows Play

08. Darkness Prevail

09. Fear Subside

10. Dream Of Memories

11. The World Is Growing Old

12. Your Own Demise


For many years now Tad Morose is a band many of my friends have told me to check out countless times, but minus a song or two here and there I really haven’t delved deeply into their stuff. I’m not sure why, as the people suggesting them were usually pretty straight up about music, but when there are so many bands, and myself being someone that listens to so many different styles, sometimes bands fall between the cracks. The name always struck me as odd, though that’s not directly the reason I have avoided them, at least consciously. I was expecting something a tad different than what I got, and honestly, I’m glad. For some reason I was under the delusion that they were more of a modern metal type of band, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Since I’m going in virtually blind on this band, and I didn’t go back and check out their past releases with any close proximity like I normally would, this is strictly based on what I’m hearing on their latest release St. Demonius. It’s pretty straight forward progressive metal. It really puts me in mind of Iced Earth during the time with Ripper. Vocalist Ronny Hemlin’s lower register is very reminiscent of Owens without sounding exactly like him. The songs are heavy, powerful, and made for an excellent listen. Tracks like “Bow To the Reaper’s Blade,” “The World Is Growing Old,” “Day of Reckoning,” and “Darkness Prevail” were standout’s for me. One thing that appealed to me was that unlike some prog metal, they have a great underlying almost doom feel to them, with the songs being fairly dark and droning at times.

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this album. I will seek out their other material to compare, but on the surface it seems like an album that should be enjoyed by fans of this style. It’s not overly unique, minus the darker undertones perhaps, but overall a good enough album to make a fan of me and gives me the inspiration to check them out further, and really that’s all a band can ask for from any release outside of being a mega seller earning them millions of dollars.

Written by: Chris Martin

Ratings: Chris 7/10



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