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Vans Warped Tour 2015 live at Wantagh, NY on July 11th, 2015, Recap and Highlights




© Dhruv Kumar

All live Photos and Words by Dhruv Kumar and Dominic Bianco


With Asking Alexandria, the energy in the crowd seems to have erupt with anticipation. With the addition of the new lead singer Denis Stoff, he proved that he can still hit Danny’s top vocal range and notes as well as still bring a new flavor to the band. Must say I like the direction that they are going in.

Asking Alexandria-2 Asking Alexandria-11

For BVB the crowd was at an all rise peak. These guys always bring great energy and  are all over the place it was hard for me to shoot them. But they played a great show, judging from a recent live DVD of theirs in concert, you get great stage presence from the guys, and they have a special connection with their fan base, and a great up and coming band that’s only going to get better. Great performance!!!

Black Viel Brides-6 Black Viel Brides-7 Black Viel Brides-9 Black Viel Brides-11

Miss May I being one of the hardcore metal bands at warped this year did not stop the crowd from having fun. It was nuts in the photo pit to a point that security had to kick out everyone because every fan was going nuts. The band played a great set as evidence by their surroundings.

Miss May I-4 Miss May I-2

Silverstein played on the monster stage which was a small stage compared to all the other and that didn’t stop them and the fans from having fun. The bands guitarist was very energetic and played their songs without a pick and strumming with his fingers. Pretty impressive to watch. The lead singer Shannon Told was the second most energetic person on stage. Another solid performance on this day.

Silverstein-9 Silverstein-5 Silverstein-3

Attila was a different experience. The lead singer was in a white jump suit which looked a bit outrageous. The music was very loud and a lot of screaming and had a lot of the fans singing, crowd surfing, and moshing like crazy. Thing got so bad in the pit that we were kicked out in the middle of the second song. That’s how crazy it was. Must say I didn’t like the music but I had fun.

Attila-6 Attila-9

Beartooth was just plain awesome. Very high energy band and so were the fans. Fans were pretty much singing it louder than the band on stage. The second song “In Between” caused so much of a ruckus and one of the bands member was in the crowd surfing and playing his gu