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Stratovarius – Eternal Review


Released By: Edel

Release Date: 11 September 2015 (Europe), 18 September 2015 (US)

Genre: Metal

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Line Up:

Timo Kotipelto – Vocals

Matias Kupiainen – Guitar

Jens Johansson – Keyboard

Rolf Pilve – Drums

Lauri Porra – Bass guitar



01. My Eternal Dream

02. Shine in the Dark

03. Rise Above It

04. Lost Without a Trace

05. Feeding the Fire

06. In My Line of Work

07. Man in the Mirror

08. Few Are Those

09. Fire in Your Eyes

10. Lost Saga


Few bands in the power metal world have as much credibility as Stratovarius. Since hitting the scene in 1984 the band has forged a sound and legacy that has influenced countless bands and been at the vanguard of a genre they are one of the originators of. With bands like Helloween and Blind Guardian, they have set the standard for a genre that has a tendency to be so derivative, yet with each release they seem to take that standard they set decades ago and raise it with each and every album. Few bands of this style come to my mind at least that have never ventured too far from Power Metal, yet at the same time sound fresh and amazing.

With their latest release Eternal, Stratovarius have yet again given their fans another album of incredible music, ranging from the bombastic signature power sound to so much melody and soaring guitarwork. It boggles the mind to think that this is their 16th studio release since 84, and they’re showing no signs of losing their passion for the music they make. Sixteen albums is a feat very few bands make, and some that do either release a bad album from time to time or by the end they have either changed their sound so drastically they’re barely able to get away with calling themselves by the same band name or they’re simply churning out stuff that is a mere shadow of a greatness once known. I have yet to encounter a Strato album that I haven’t loved to some degree or another. And as they have gotten older they have taken that age and wisdom and continued to write stunning songs like “Rise Above It,” “Man In the Mirror,” the epic album closer “The Lost Saga,” and the haunting “Lost Without A Trace.” Timo Kotipelto has such a powerful voice, and seems to have not aged much at all. Surrounding his brilliant voice are the equally amazing talents of Jens Johansson on keyboards, Lauri  Porra on bass, Rolfe Pilve on drums, and Matias Kupiainen on guitar.

Stratovarius may no longer have any original members, but when they put out the high level of incredible music as exhibited on this record, and continue to add such gifted performers, there truly is no limit for them. Eternal is a wonderful album and thoroughly demonstrates why they are not only a band to be heralded for their history, but should continue to be accepted as a cutting edge band in the power metal world. Often imitated by like bands across the planet, none stand as strong as Stratovarius.

Written by: Chris Martin


Ratings: Chris 9/10


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